A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

I wanted to get the sponges and other scrubbing devices out of the sink and out of the way, in such a way that they would only drip into the sink while drying. Most of the organizers I'd seen were supposed to sit in the sink, taking up valuable sink real estate (I have a small sink). So I built this solution instead!


How to enjoy a perfectly mixed hot beverage without using a stirrer

As a former barista, little strikes me as more wasteful than the gigantic piles of coffee straws, stir sticks, and spoons that reliably accompany every warm beverage display. Many coffee and tea drinkers don't realize that by simply rearranging the order in which one mixes a drink, it's possible to never need a stirrer and still enjoy a perfectly mixed cup o' whatever. It's all in the swirl!


I'm an American expat living abroad: AMA about international moves, travel plans, culture shock, or looking for a job as an expat

I'm an American expatriate living, studying, and working abroad. I've also travelled a lot for fun and business — my old-school passport has two extra stamp booklets. In the years and moves that followed, I learned about stuff like budgeting for an international move, planning a big trip or move overseas, dealing with both culture shock and reverse culture shock, managing finances and legal issues internationally, looking for a job as an expat (in native and non-native language situations), learning travel safety tips both the hard and the easy ways, handling back-home junk food cravings that strike without warning… So let's talk — Ask me anything!


Bird nerds, swan hugs, and poop: Why I love volunteering at a wild bird rehab

My passion and knowledge for all things avian increased over time, but the "bird nerd" tipping point came during a cross-country road trip. On a windy Florida beach I held a brown pelican while a fisherman removed a hook from its wing. Despite numerous incredible animal experiences that include bathing elephants and swimming with wild dolphins, manatees, and whale sharks, my interaction with this pelican deeply moved me. I became determined to get involved in bird rescue and rehabilitation.


How to live with a passionate [read: obsessive, driven, fanatical, and somewhat egotistical] partner

When I say the word "passionate," I'm not talking about the down on your knees, overly-romantic type fanfare. I am referring to how I describe a person who is passionate about whatever specific interest they hold dear to their heart. Other words such as obsessive, driven, fanatical, and somewhat egotistical also come to mind. What if these tend to describe your partner?