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Remember my parent’s house in Maui? This summer, their home improvement project was to install an above-ground pool — which is AWESOME! We got an Intex Ultra Frame Pool, because we loved how above-ground pools are so much more cost-effective than below-ground pools, and just as refreshing.

…That said, although above-ground pools may be just as refreshing, they just aren’t especially attractive.

Once we set it our pool, I fell in love it — hell, having ANY pool is freaking great — but man, is this above-ground pool BORING to look at once you’re not in swimmy, water-y bliss.

Where once a pretty patch of grass lived, there’s now this big ol’ boring wall of grey.

Let’s be honest: it looked like an enormous cooler. Not cute.

So let’s decorate it!

Here’s how we decorated the above-ground pool to make the outside as cool as the inside…

photo 2

After putting up bamboo fencing to cover up the chainlink that surrounds the home, my parents found themselves with a bunch of extra rolls of the stuff…

That’s how we decided to decorate our above-ground pool by wrapping it in bamboo fencing.

photo 5

We laid the fencing against the pool, and secured it to the sides using zip ties, all around the Intex pool’s frames.

photo 3

We trimmed the fencing to just sit under the rim of the pool, and boom: an above-ground pool that looks as good as it feels!

photo 4

Now that it’s decorated, the above-ground pool is the perfect compliment to the carbana. Which, if you recall, is my parent’s carport-turned-outdoor lounge area. My family sure has a way of sprucing up boring stuff.

That said, I’ves still got a short wishlist of things I want to add to decorate our above ground pool:

What would YOU add? Did I forget something?

Comments on How to decorate and de-boring an above-ground pool

  1. And look! The cable ties give the impression of built-in wall spikes!!! Bonus! Now you can relax in blissful, moist comfort while being sure that barbarian invaders are being impaled as they try to lay siege to your watery fortress!
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
    LOVE the bamboo look, though.

  2. That looks really neat. Also, that pool looks like a giant cooler in the before pictures, and I’m going to send my best friend the link to them because she needs this pool in her life.

  3. Did I read that right that it’s probably a 4 foot deep pool your parents have there? Perhaps pool ownership doesn’t have to be such a pipe dream for me one day.

    That looks really awesome.

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