Keep your fur babies close to you forever with pet memorial jewelry

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As a person who rescues senior dogs I’m very aware that our pets won’t be around forever. I’ve lost many of my babies, and I’ve been looking into getting a piece of memorial jewelry so that I can keep them with me always. Luckily there are so many different ways to make and wear pet memorial jewelry. So I thought I’d share all the gorgeous ways we can keep our fur babies with us always…

Pet memorial jewelry with ashes

Engraved Pet Urn Necklace from MignonandMignon
Personalized Cremation Urn Bar Necklace by geopersonalized
Memorial ring with pet ashes GemsandJuniper

Pet memorial jewelry for hair

Dainty lock of hair memorial by Portenya
Pet Memorial Ring with Fur or Ashes by jewelrybyjohan

Pet memorial jewelry with photos

Custom Pet Locket Necklace by aFamilyPrintShop

If none of these feel right for your style, there are tons of creative artists that would love to help you memorialize your fur babies. I felt it really helped to channel that grief into an Etsy pet memorial jewelry search.

And if you found the perfect memorial jewelry, please let us know what and where in the comments!

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