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Let’s talk about our partners, and how we negotiate sharing our homes and lives with them.

Why only you can heal you (and why that’s fucking awesome)

Here’s how anxious attachment works: you grow up confusing the sensation of chasing attention with the feeling of love.

We adapted so well to unpredictable attention that it’s what we crave. Relationships that don’t involve chasing can feel boring…

Surviving divorce taught me how to survive a pandemic

When my 18-year partnership abruptly ended in late 2015, my life completely fell apart. It was a complete shitshow… kind of like this year. Here’s how surviving divorce taught me 9 lessons that are helping me survive 2020.

One woman answers the question: should I stay in a marriage without chemistry?

Several years ago, I wrote the Offbeat Home post I’m not attracted to my husband: Marriage without chemistry? After 6 years of working on myself, finding myself, and trying to do absolutely everything I could to save the marriage… I finally had the strength to call it quits.

My husband has chronic health issues, so I can’t get boned

I read the Offbeat Home post about “Asexuality and queerness redefined sex for us,” and I hate to be a downer, but this is so much harder when you are in a monogamous heterosexual relationship…

My wedding sucked so badly that I can't even look at the photos. How do I move on?

My wedding sucked so badly that I can’t even look at the photos. How do I move on?

Somewhere in my house, there is a CD. My spouse knows where it is, but I do not. Intentionally. This CD contains our wedding photos. I can’t bear to look at them. We’ve been married a year, now, and I still can’t look at them. You see, our wedding… Sucked. We got married, sure, but […]

Throwback style for days with these retro roller rink party photos (with an engagement shoot!)

Throwback style for days with these retro roller rink party photos (with an engagement shoot!)

This engagement shoot just reminded me so much of retro birthday parties that I felt like readers over here would dig it so hard. It’s the ultimate roller skating meets rock ‘n’ roll meets nostalgia party inspiration. Plus, I think so many of us grew up having roller rink parties that this is all SO FAMILIAR. The zeitgeist, y’all…

Asexuality and queerness redefined sex for us (& how we’re making it work)

What is sexual compatibility? Insecurity made our life a little rocky early on. I worried that my partner’s asexuality was simply disinterest in me, while she worried that I might prefer someone else. But after nearly seven years together, we’ve ironed that out — and in the process, built a sex life that we both find satisfying, exploring a non-traditional definition of sex. Here are the tools that we use to help us to define sex for ourselves…

This one-year anniversary shoot proves that it's never too late to snag stunning photos

This one-year anniversary shoot proves that it’s always worth snagging stunning photos

Whether you hated your wedding photos, didn’t have a wedding, want to celebrate a milestone, or just want to capture how awesome you’ve been looking lately, a couple’s photo shoot is always a good idea. You don’t need to have had a child or gotten engaged or married to snag yourself from frameable shots. This is exactly what Ashley and Nick did at their plaid-covered one-year anniversary shoot.