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Check out this custom-built time capsule home for sale with a bowling alley and “open concept” bathroom

Welcome back to “Megan’s Vintage Real Estate Gems!” Today I have found a doozy in the hills of Diamond Bar, California. This one includes glorious vintage wallpaper, epic fireplace, a bowling alley, a library, a wine cellar, and an “open concept” bathroom in the primary bedroom. Oh yes… I said “open concept” bathroom. Just wait and see…

Two really important words: GLITTER GROUT

Two words. Two really important words: GLITTER GROUT. Seems like you can get them as an additive or pre-made grout. And, in my heart I feel it could range from ’70s dream kitchen to mermaid bathroom, from a unicorn-themed mosaic table, to a TARDIS blue and sparkly starlight grout-ed garden path…

The straight poop: Why you should think about using squat toilets

There are advocates, both, for and against squatting as a main method of using the bathroom. But it’s interesting to note that squatters outnumber sitters across the world!

Where do you stand (or sit, or squat) on the great toilet debate?

Toto Washlet: My Japanese butt-washing robot toiletseat

A Toto Washlet is essentially an electrical toilet seat that washes your butt with a little wand. It connects to a power supply (via a three-prong outlet) and your water supply (via a small hose), and then you press buttons to make it do its thing. Here’s what it’s like…

13 elephant shower curtains you’ll never forget

Who knew that elephants looks so damn good in the shower!? Wanna see 13 awesome elephant shower curtains? Of course you do. (The last two are my favorites!)

What the hell do you do with a permanent soap dish?

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment which we love… except for one design detail. The bathroom counter has a permanent pink shell soap dish attached to it right between our sinks. I would put soap in it, but we use liquid soap. So… there it sits. Mocking me. I’ve tried to embrace the shell, but when the rest of your bathroom theme is NOT shells… what’s a gal to do?

Mermaid decor isn’t just for kids – The sexy siren sea bathroom

Loving mermaids isn’t just for little girls. The sexy bitches of the sea are obsessed over by adults too. I’ve done all the hard work for you, and found the perfect mermaid bathroom accessories for grown ass adults, including nine awesome shower curtains. Seriously, I couldn’t pick my favorite. Can you?…

Rule the porcelain throne with a Game of Thrones-themed bathroom

My favorite thing on Earth is coming back into my life this Sunday: Game of Fucking Thrones! So I celebrated in the very best, most Megan way possible.