9 glorious tubs: Draw yourself a fantasy bath and stay a while

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Source: alifemorefabulous.blogspot.com


The years I spent living in dorms, I was much more upset about my lack of bathtub than about my inability to have pets, or my inability to make out with my boyfriend in peace, or my inability to afford anything.

All I wanted most of the time was a nice bath.

Happily, I’ve never been without a tub since leaving school — and the tub I have now is very, very deep.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about the best part of my home; that walk-in bath is the epitome of luxury, to me.

I like the cut of the rest of these tubs’ jib…

Honestly, I don’t know why more tubs aren’t built like this one with a clear glass sides. It would make the bathroom seem much more spacious — and if you look closely you can see this is a super deep tub.

Jason IC635P TubOoh, what about this completely transparent tub? The Jason IC635P tub is available in three translucent colors: Arctic Blue, Glacier Green and Frost. And it features a stainless steel support structure, plus a chromatherapy system featuring two synchronized LED lights!

Debbi 74" Soaking BathtubAsymmetrical soaking tub is asymmetrical… and fucking awesome!


277B1C1F45FE3898EE86EC853176405111E93B80I’ve always wanted an indoor/outdoor pool, but I’d settle for a bathtub that looks like the continuation of the pool. This is gorgeous.


MTI Primm Soaker Tub (65.5" x 41.5" x 26.75")Ooh, this is the first time I’ve seen handcrafted wrought iron detail wrap around a bathtub. This is some artsy soak-y goodness.

41-svi7nSvLOh hey there cedar wood tub, I want to install you in my fictional cabin in the woods and soak in you in front of a roaring fire and watch the snow fall from a nearby window. That’s all.

841C4ED8E3F83D12ED20AD826D5059E6C487ABEESpeaking of installing bathtubs in front of fires in cozy cabins… Who wouldn’t want to share this heart-shaped “Eros” tub with your lovah?

51NwF2bX2WLI’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this one! I think it’s a Japanese soaking tub. But I hope it’s super deep. That would be awesome — standing bath!

Comments on 9 glorious tubs: Draw yourself a fantasy bath and stay a while

  1. The second one. Ohhhh my god the second one. I would never leave my bathroom.

    One of my most treasured dreams is a tub big enough for both the Viking and I to be in at the same time…someday!

  2. Ooh, my favorite is the second one, although I do like the idea about the warm stone basin… My dream tub has always been a big, deep, irregularly-shaped cutom number made of natural stone (or, I guess, cement made to look like natural stone), with one of those rain-like showerheads in the ceiling, and also a regular faucet for when you don’t want to be rained on.

  3. Oh my gawd! Since moving out of my inlaw’s house almost two years ago, I have been bathtubless. It’s awful! What I wouldn’t give for any one of those beautiful tubs!

  4. The baths were one of the major perks of living in Japan for six years. My first apartment had a heater in the tub that would reheat the water. Cue super-long soaks with wine and a good book. I also used to go to the public baths, which would have all sorts of different kinds in one room. The best was in February in Hokkaido, sitting in an outdoor bath watching the snow fall all around me. The hot springs were amazing, but my hair froze. I miss it!

  5. Oh, there is nothing better than a good bath. On our honeymoon we stayed in a tree house, in the rainforest, overlooking the caldera of an extinct volcano. And there was a two-person jacuzzi bath set into the picture window, looking out over all of this. With a fireplace facing us. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another bath quite like that, but I do know that our dream home will have quite a large tub, since my 6’6 husband doesn’t fit in the average bath…

  6. One of the things my fiance and I dream about splurging on whenever we’re able to buy our own house is a really nice tub. This whole post is like porn to me right now.

  7. Totally drooling over these tubs! We’ve decided that we’ll probably be lifelong renters, which is great for us – but it leaves the bathroom of my dreams hanging out to dry! Any thoughts on remodeling a bathroom in rented apartment (with approval of course)?

  8. This makes me want to move super bad. I’m living in a rented town-house with a disgusting excuse for a tub. I can barely shower in it, let alone relax. I’ve always wanted a deep claw-foot tub, but those all look delicious too!

    P.S. How did I not know there’s an offbeat empire pinterest?!

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  9. These are all incredible. They aren’t exactly the kind of thing you can just add to your existing house though! I think you have to really hunt down a house that has these options.
    The second one is my absolute favourite. Makes it seem more like a pool.

  10. Oh, my – I think I just had a tubgasm! I love them all! But I think my favorite is the second one, as well as the cement one. Ooohh, man I want to go take a bath rightnow.

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