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Life hack: Turn “should” into “could” for dull chores

It’s really interesting what happens when you turn “should” into “could.” It makes even a shitty chore feel more positive. By re-framing a dull task you should do by using “could” it also makes you consider what opportunities might hide within. For example…

The 5-minute hack for making elastic waistbands smaller

The elastic in the waistband of most leggings is sewn in during construction, and can’t be pulled tighter. However, I found a quick and easy way around that. It’s easy, and literally takes five minutes to fix!

Use mason jars to collect what’s left in an “empty” lotion bottle

Okay, I might be the stingiest person alive, but I got THIS much lotion out of an “empty” lotion bottle by cutting off the top, and scooping it out. This has to be a packaging flaw…

Great idea: Fix a broken light fixture with fairy magic!

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this amazing lighting hack… “I love thrift store finds! Antique chandelier that wasn’t working, which I was fine with. Just add fairy lights.”

Use Stitch to help find lost socks!

Offbeat Homie Lenna Ani had the cutest greatest idea for your laundry: Use everyones favorite lost monster to keep track of your lost socks! Or, as she put it on her Instagrams… “All the mismatched socks want their family too, just like Stitch.”

How to use ribbons to keep your snake pit of electronic wires in check

I can’t be the only one who’s taken a look in the electronics drawer and thought “what belongs to what?” Wires tangle easily and all look much the same. The wire that recharges my cell phone looks awfully similar to the wire that recharges my mp3 player… and so on. Fortunately I have come up with a system for keeping the snake pit of wires in my drawer and under my desk in check.

Buy YOURSELF flowers to make a good impression on your new neighbors

In the midst of moving, and un-packing and re-organizing our lives, I didn’t think much of the flower boxes. I hung the them from the balcony rails and tried to remember to water them. Without my knowing, those straggly flowers paved the way to good neighbor relations…

How to avoid TSA scanners and look fabulous at the same time

Did you know that if you really don’t want to be forced to go through the airport scanners, then you should dress head-to-toe in sequins? Our Publisher Ariel learned all about that when she flew home from the Philadelphia Lovesick Expo