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It’s Harry Potter’s birthday & you’ll want to see this Potterphile party

On this day in 1980, a wizard named Harry Potter was born. To honor his birthday, we’re sharing this MAGICAL Harry Potter bridal shower over on our sister site, Offbeat Bride. But I figured y’all might want to take a peek, too, since it’s such good inspiration for any Hogwarts-inspired Potterphile parties you might be planning.

Throwback style for days with these retro roller rink party photos (with an engagement shoot!)

Throwback style for days with these retro roller rink party photos (with an engagement shoot!)

This engagement shoot just reminded me so much of retro birthday parties that I felt like readers over here would dig it so hard. It’s the ultimate roller skating meets rock ‘n’ roll meets nostalgia party inspiration. Plus, I think so many of us grew up having roller rink parties that this is all SO FAMILIAR. The zeitgeist, y’all…

Accio magical Harry Potter themed party (to benefit a couple adopting a child!)

Accio magical Hogwarts-themed party (to benefit a couple adopting a child!)

When I’m imagining fabulous parties I’d want to attend, an evening at Hogwarts is top of the list. I’m imagining themed tables, a sorting hat, delish British comfort food, and Harry Potter trivia. Wait, this party happened?! Yep, and it was all to benefit a couple trying to adopt a baby from China.

Let’s be inspired to create our own Harry Potter party from this magical event… (No house elves were harmed in the making!)

You can DIY coloring pages from your own photos

You can DIY coloring pages from your own photos

We featured this in-depth tutorial on how to create DIY coloring book pages from your photos for weddings, but they’d kick ass at kids’ parties, family gatherings, or just for your own zen coloring needs. Imagine a coloring book or coloring calendar as a holiday gift this year!

Yep, you can totally do this yourself if you have access to a program like Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr. My tutorial focuses on Photoshop, but I’ve linked other program tutorials in the post as well.

How to throw a rad AF Galentine’s Day brunch for all your (single and taken) pals

Galentine’s Day is coming soon! No, not the holiday for the couples, the wondrous holiday born from Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. The FUN one, okay? The one that celebrates all of your friends, gals and otherwise. Coupled or single or N/A. Celebrating the beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn babies. You beautiful tropical fish. You beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxen. And of course, you poetic noble land mermaids.

If you’re wanting to celebrate all of your pals at a Galentine’s Day brunch, this is how I would do it…

Last-minute New Year's party ideas for when friends tell you, "you're hosting!"

Last-minute New Year’s party ideas for when friends say, “you’re hosting!”

It’s almost 2018 and you’re ready to curl up with the pets and hit up Netflix, right? Nope. Your friends have decided that they want to party at YOUR PLACE. It’s time for you to host the most dope New Years’s Eve party ever.

You’ve got like a day, maybe two, to get shit in order. You need some last-minute New Year’s party ideas that will slay (or at least keep things chill and fun?). Let’s get to the celebration ideas, you party animals…

Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party

Oscar party food ideas for your awards show parties (or just your next Netflix binge)

This coming Sunday is the king of movie awards shows, The Oscars. Will you be watching or has the string of wonky host gigs done you in? (Don’t worry, Chris Rock’s opening monologue isn’t likely to be boring, at least!) Either way, we’ve got a few festive Oscar party food ideas to pepper your party table.

Chocolate-covered strawberry footballs

Super Bowl party snacks you need to serve on game day

Need some rad Super Bowl party snacks for your big game party? I’ve got a trio of a side, an app, and a dessert that you can whip up and serve at your Super Bowl party. They’re easy, on-theme, and totally delish. Oh, and don’t forget those DRANKS!