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I was the Managing Editor of Offbeat Home for a year and a half. I have a rich Internet life and also a pretty good real life. Hobbies include D&D, Twitter, and working on making our household more self-reliant. I also draw things.

The low-down on floor desks

OMG y’all! Look who popped her awesome head back into Offbeat Home & Life to share some of her old school offbeat home goodness — it’s Cat Rocketship! She’s giving us the low down on floor desks.

9 things to do before you bring a new kitten into your home

We’ve been approved for adopting two rescue kittens from a local shelter. I wondered if there’s anything anyone would suggest to prepare for furry arrivals? Especially anything unusual, DIY, or low-cost, as we’re on a budget!

66 things you can grow in a container

Organic Gardens Network put together a primo list of four dozen things YOU! can grow in a container. Given that you’ve got enough light, you can probably grow much more than you’ve thought of!

My favorite surprises: tree fruit! Hops! Herbal tea! Melons! And even a loofah.

How to paint a chevron wall: I really really really wanna zig-zag aaahhhhh

I recently got the green light to paint our apartment. Its a lot to take on all at once, so I’ve been knocking it out in small chunks. This week, the entry way! After a debate of “is the chevron look already over?,” I got to work.

One of my most important tools was a Conair MORE BIG CURLS box. You’ll see why.

Make a hanging garden of jam jars

Love it. Rope + soil + clean jars and some succulents, and you have a hanging garden.

This would work super well with herbs, too, or small flowers like violets!

Make these DIY crystal bottle stoppers

Right? Cupcakes and Cashmere has the tutorial on how you can transform a little epoxy, a pretty stone, a cork stopper and into something super cool for the top of your liquor cabinet. Good for gifts, parties, and little presents to yourself. (The presents of which I speak are boozepresents.)

Make dog biscuits for your direwolf

The kitchen can be torture for a pet with a culinary-inclined owner. I know my own direwolf sits proper for the entire time I’m cooking, in hopes of receiving scraps. So here’s my grain-free, no-filler recipe that my direwolves snap up.

Behold: a rec-room staircase crafted from rocks

When you buy a house from the owners of a patio design company, you’ve gotta hope for an interesting house. Redditor kyky05 got one — that’s how his house came to have a built-in stone staircase/koi pond leading to the downstairs rec room.

Don’t worry — there’s a normal staircase, too.