Deer lawd — the easiest way to keep deer from eating your tulips

Here in the U.S., we have a lot of deer. So many in my area that we often see them chilling by the side of the road like it ain't no thing. And for those of you who grow flowers in your garden, you might know that they enjoy eating the fine delicacy that is your colorful tulips. Here's my favorite way to keep them from chowing down.


Let's talk about the sociology of engagement rings (and win a free necklace, too!)

We recently had a lot of discussion about engagement rings over on Offbeat Bride. They are one of those cultural phenomenons that is just super intriguing. Adrianne from our longtime sponsor, Turtle LoveThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, also finds it interesting and is on a mission to create thoughtful dialogue about the industry and perspectives from all kinds of people and communities (especially those not immersed in wedding planning).


An online course in relationship skills for the communication-challenged

You might already know Everyday Feminism from their amazing and transformative online courses that Offbeat Homies have loved. It started with learning to love your body, then it was making time for self love, and now it's RELATIONSHIP LOVE! The Relationship Course: Turning Love into a Daily Practice is a course that's going to be especially applicable to Offbeat Bride alumni (newly-married feels and how to deal?!), and those of us who could really use some lessons in healthy communication and good habits while in a relationship.


Find your room's color palette from within a photo

We found a really awesome way to choose wedding colors and shared it over on Offbeat Bride. But it's totally useful for choosing colors for your home, too! There are fun little tools called color generators that will extract the main colors of a photo for you, allowing you to snag and save them for your decor and wall color shopping trips.