Make your own boney shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on holiday

Guestpost by Sabrina Zbasnik on Oct 24th

My house is one stone sarcophagus from becoming a crypt, thanks to the piles of skeletons, bones, skulls, and various asunder bits and pieces that could be turned into bones given the right time.

So of course I figured I needed to add more to my bone collection with boney shoes:

death feet

Here's how I made them…



I haunted (get it?) around looking for a pair of white canvas shoes to have the cleanest palette to begin. Then came the long, dull sketching anatomy lesson when you question your sanity as you're trying to doodle on the tongue of a shoe.

bone shoe sketching

I lined the pencil in Sharpie ink, which can occasionally be a problem if you use real Sharpie, but this was the pen version. Those things are awesome.

bone shoe painting

I decided to paint the outside of the lines first because I cannot be trusted with black — it goes everywhere. Note the lovely floral pattern inside the shoe… death feels so pretty.

The toe bones, while time consuming, were not too difficult to paint. I used about four shades, a deep brown to highlight the bone lines, a redder brown give depth around the edges, then a honey nut brown on top of the red brown, and finally globs and globs of a not-quite-white swirling, on occasion, with the other browns. All to get the illusion of boney bones.

death feet painting

Once I was happy with my bone painting, I hosed the entire thing down with my thick clear acrylic coating. A few times. This should help with any peeling/cracking, but these aren't all-weather or terrain shoes.

I debated for a while whether I wanted to try the task of painting the soles. Eventually I decided to throw caution to the wind, and have a go. For that I used the plastic fusion spray paint, because that shit makes the world go 'round.

The final step was to lace the shoes, very carefully, and tada:

death feet shoes

feet bone shoes

Shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on Holiday.

Shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on Holiday.

Psst: I'm looking forward to next week — Halloween week — where I'll share even more of Sabrina's awesome DIY ideas.

Halloween costumes based on song lyrics

By on Oct 24th
Calling all music geeks for a Halloween question!

If you were going to create a Halloween costume that was based on specific lyrics or a character from a song, what song comes to mind? I'm looking for descriptive lyrics from indie, rock, or pop songs (musical theater seems too… obvious?) that verbally illustrate a character's appearance or mannerisms.

Devil with a Blue Dress costume via Ebay.

Devil with a Blue Dress costume via Ebay.

One example would be "Devil With a Blue Dress On" which has lots of descriptive details in the verses and the chorus.

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I'm not sure if I'm a virgin, or if I'll ever have sex again… and I'm happy

Guestpost by Penelope Widdowson-Bonefat on Oct 23rd

I'm twenty-seven years old, and I'm not sure if I'm a virgin. I'm also not sure if I'm ever going to have any more sex than I've already had. And I am pretty happy about that.

Since spending my teenage years in a single-sex boarding school (where apparently people were having passionate love affairs all over the place and I had no idea), and dating one woman in college (we were really mismatched sexually and that was why we broke up), I've gone on… four dates? Five? Does the one where I didn't realize it was a date until afterwards go in the list?

I don't worry about whether the sex I had with my girlfriend in college was "real" sex or if it "counts" as me losing my virginity. (Incidentally, if you're interested in the concept of virginity, Hanne Blank's Virgin: The Untouched History is a great book.) I closed my OKCupid account a few years ago when I realized that I couldn't understand the difference between a first date with an OKCupid stranger and a meet-up with one of the fangirls on my Dreamwidth subscription list. Except that I was probably going to go home after the OKCupid thing and read PG Wodehouse to make my brain stop chewing on itself (and probably sleep for about eleven hours because it was so exhausting).

Being in contact with someone who had socially-reasonable expectations that I was assessing them as a sexual being was stressful as hell.

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The most amazing desk I've ever seen looks like the Little Mermaid's work station

By on Oct 23rd

While walking home from brunch, my friend Drew (of wheat allergy questions fame) and I stumbled upon a nursery that I've always wanted to explore. So we took a detour and started wandering amongst the funky plants and trees for sale. Then we stumbled upon the coolest desk I've ever seen…

little mermaid desk

Doesn't it look like an office desk the Little Mermaid would use?

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Adorable dog beds that'll steal your heart and your attention

By on Oct 22nd

I got this email from one of our patrons, Ming

Aside from his kick-ass fireplace bed, our dog Ari has, I kid you not, four other beds scattered throughout the house, not including the rugs in front of the doors and the carpets in the dining room and great room.

But I still want these dog beds…

Crab and boat pet beds from Martha Stewart.

Crab and boat pet beds from Martha Stewart.

I know he would chew the legs and the anchors off of these beds. But they are so cute!

I remember the shopping post a long, long time ago about chic dog beds. What about a shopping post request for adorable pet beds?

You want it, you got it! Here are some adorable dog beds that I found on the interwebs…

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How to ditch your lip balm habit in 5 steps

Guestpost by Maryr on Oct 21st

I used to have a serious lip balm habit. I had to have lip balm in my purse at all times. I also had a couple of sticks around my apartment, and I would have a minor panic attack if there wasn't a Chapstick in arm's reach.

I'm a teacher, and I was so compulsive about lip balm that I would actually apply it in the middle of giving a lecture. So, that was me: standing up in front of a class of 30 students, trying to get them to converse intelligently about The Epic of Gilgamesh, and applying Chapstick Medicated at the same time. Not very professional.

At a certain point, I started to wonder if lip balm was necessary at all. For someone like me whose lip "dryness" doesn't arise from any actual medical condition or symptom, I realized lip balm was unnecessary.

Here are some recommendations for cutting out lip balm, and simplifying this one tiny aspect of life. This isn't a primer for defeating real chemical dependency, or treating a serious issue — my lip balm habit was just that, a habit. And habits can be broken.

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Living in a family-focused, cooperative housing townhome in Victoria, BC

By on Oct 21st

The co-op has a lot of community activities. Here's my daughter hitting the Easter pinata, made by one of the members who immigrated from Mexico.

The offbeat occupant: Emillie Parrish, at-home mom and food blogger
Other occupants: Husband, 6-year-old son, and 18-month-old daughter
Approximate square footage: 650-1000 sq. feet
How many bedrooms? Two
Lives in: James Bay, Victoria, BC, Canada
When did you move into this home? One year

Master bedroom

The view of downtown from our master bedroom

Let's start with the neighborhood. What's it like where you live? We live in James Bay which is a traditionally lower income neighbourhood right in downtown Victoria. However, it's really one of the best-located neighbourhoods in Victoria, with ocean-front views on three sides, and the large city park on the forth side. Within a four-block radius from my home are the government buildings, several museums, a marina, a ferry terminal, sandy and rocky beaches, a fisherman's wharf, a petting zoo, playgrounds and most of historical Victoria. We really are spoiled here.

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