This beachside yoga-infused maternity session’s gonna make you swoon

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All photos by Cassie Leah Photography.

Amy and Tres share a love for yoga — in fact, they were introduced to one another by their yoga teacher. The two are now expecting their first tiny yogi, and decided to have some fun with yoga during their maternity session with Cassie Leah Photography. In addition to all the yoga fun, there’s a SERIOUS degree of hotness happening in these shots — stay tuned for shirtless and tattooed making out near the waterfront. YUP.

Special note: we know that many advise against balancing poses during pregnancy, and assume that Amy only attempted poses that she felt safe doing. CARRY ON!

The coordinating yellow and orange shirts are perfect for these two — look at all that SUNSHINE just pouring out of them!

Upside down mama, papa, and baby: yogi win.

And now they break for some lighthearted sunshine-filled Golden Hour perfection. Siiiigh.

Amy appears to have no shortage of fabulously colored shirts and I appear to have no shortage of wanting to have all of her shirts.

I fucking love this shot: it’s so simultaneously dreamy and spontaneous. I’m pretty sure I would spend a good bit of my time pondering the mean of everything if I were these two.



This, this, this. That last shot especially, GAH. Reach up to the sky and celebrate life, because it’s everywhere.

Comments on This beachside yoga-infused maternity session’s gonna make you swoon

  1. Oh my word. This is just remarkable. The preggo arm balance is so inspiring! Way to go, you two! …and that one shot is TOTALLY the hottest maternity shot of all time. Gah. Also inspiring!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amy and Tres are my yoga teachers, and they are amazing people! These shots make me
    so proud of them…I can tell you that Amy is seriously Strong and these poses were absolutely within her limits. She’s incredible! Her amazing maternity yoga class helped me get pregnant…thank you for sharing these loving photos!

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