Ice cream cone cupcakes are cute and delicious

Guest post by Mich

Ice cream cone cupcakes

I pinned something AGES ago that had cute cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones.

Super cute dessert idea, right? Well, I finally had a weekend with lots of free time and a BBQ to go to, so I thought I would finally give the concept a try… the result is super adorable, even if my photos are pretty low rent. 🙂

Here’s how they turned out, and how you can make them too.

IngredientsIce cream cone cupcakes ingredients

  • 24 cone cups
    Make sure they are the ones with the flat bottoms
  • 1 box of funfetti cake mix
    Plus oil, eggs and water for cake mix
  • 2 tubs of frosting
  • Foil tray
    …or maybe not (more on this later!)


Ice cream cone cupcakes support
According to my Pinterest find, you need something to support the ice cream cones in the oven while they bake. It suggested a foil tray. I’m going to experiment and do 1/2 with a foil tray and 1/2 just standing in a muffin tin.

Cut holes in the foil tray to support your cones — this is not as easy at it looks. Preheat your oven according to cake mix box directions.

STEP 1.5

ice cream cone cupcakes injury

ONLY REQUIRED if you are as accident prone as me… apply a plaster to the foil cutting injury.

Then mix cake mix according to directions on the box.


ice cream cone cupcakes in holder

Place ice cream cones into foil tray holder.

PRO-TIP: Place the whole thing on a tray!

This makes it easier to get in and out of the oven.


fill ice cream cone cupcakes with batter
Fill cones with cake batter to the inside line.

STEP 3.5

ice cream cone cupcakes filled
I decided to experiment and do half my cones in the foil tray, as shown on Pinterest, and the other half balanced in a muffin tin.


ice cream cone cupcakes in the oven
Bake according to direction on your cake box (probably for the maximum time). As you can see, my foil tray holder cones kinda overflowed and mushed together a bit, but the muffin tin ones were fine. In the future I would not bother with the foil tray.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool.


ice cream cone cupcakes
Frost in swirls and decorate with sprinkles.


Refrigerate and then ENJOY. And if you can be bothered, you can make a cool cardboard box holder for your cupcake cones.

Comments on Ice cream cone cupcakes are cute and delicious

  1. I tried this two weekends ago too! I tried both a muffin tray (MINI MUFFIN PAN WORKS GREAT!!!) and the original Betty Crocker recipe that says to put the cones on top of the batter. That did NOT work for me. They all went crooked. The mini muffin pan holds the cones perfectly. I used cherry cake mix and cherry icing with lots of fun confetti on top. They were good but they were only good for a day, then the cones got soggy….Lots of fun though!!!

  2. I just googled the betty crocker recipe, that sounds really crazy to just smush a cone on top of an unbaked cupcake and hope it bakes up into it?!! sounds like it would be an epic mess in my oven

    mine kept fine overnight in the fridge to be eaten at a memorial day BBQ the next day

    • Yeah, I was doing a dry run because I wanted these at my 1950’s vintage themed wedding…But man, even though they were fairly simple to make, I dont have the space to store them. I didnt make your holder though, so mine fell over in the fridge. I was cleaning off cherry icing for DAYS. LOL. They looked fantastic though, but a bit more work than I want to deal with on my wedding day…I love pinterest though. I had NEVER seen these in my life until I saw them on pinterest…

  3. My mom made these (funfetti w/ strawberry icing, or strawberry/strawberry) for my birthday every year, and she STILL does (b/c they’re still my fave and I’m not too old to still be a kid at heart).

    We just always used the muffin pan, no fancy foil pan. They’ve never seemed to go bad to me after a couple of days, either (but then again, between my brother and me, I’m not sure how often they made it past the second day).

    Either way, I highly recommend that everyone try these!

  4. Gah! Back in the 80s, when kids could bring in homemade treats to share on their birthdays at school, this is what the cool kids brought in. I was SO jealous! I’ve been wanting to make these ever since & you may have convinced me to do it.

  5. yay, i’m finally a cool kid!!!

    Colleen – you should totally do them!!!

    Dawn – a saw a cheat way where you just bake regular cupcakes normally in paper then peel the paper off and just smush them into the top of a cone before frosting them. Maybe that would work for your vintage wedding?

  6. I was going to say the same thing! When I was in elementary school in the 90s we all brought in home made cupcakes for our birthdays. Once one kid brought these in, everyone wanted this kind. I still remember my mom cursing that other parent under her breath as she struggled to get these things to stand up on a cookie sheet.

  7. My mom made these to take to school on my birthday when I was in 1st grade……fast forward to my birthday 20 years later, my first grade teacher commented on my facebook page about these cupcakes. Must have really made an impression!

  8. My mom made these for my birthday every year. I loved them and since I had a July birthday we always did a red white and blue theme. This brought back so many memories! I think my little one will get some ice cream cup cakes this summer too!

    • My mom made me these over 50 years ago using regular cupcake pans to steady the cones. I remember these being a hit with my classmates as this was the birthday treat I brought in. Great memories!!

  9. Why do people use boxed cake mix? If you’re adding oil, eggs and water then the only thing that’s in that box is flour, raising agent, sugar and sprinkles. I have those things already…
    Also weighing out all the ingredients helps my five year old practice numbers, volume and following instructions. It’s science man!

    • Cooking is actually really awesome for teaching littles about food, fractions, hygiene, following methodology, chemistry, tidying after yourself and so on… But not everyone is interested, that’s okay too, y’know? I was just brainstorming some possible answers to your question:

      – Lack of aforementioned pantry staples. Could be lack of money, or so-seldom used that they go bad, lack of access, taking the show on the road (cottage, camping etc.).

      – Stabilizers and such in the mixes, people like the certainty. If you make some effort at following the directions somewhat, it is REALLY hard to get a cake mix to not rise, or have a truly bad texture. If you don’t know what it is you do wrong but your scratch cakes have unreliable results, you might just pick the box and save your energy for decorating the cake.

      – Perceived to be less effort and time; marginally true at best, but that’s the perception.

      – Also I’ve never made a satisfactory rainbow chip or cherry chip, etc., although people do have recipes that include sprinkles, it’s “not the same.” I believe the cake mix ones are actually coloured/flavoured flour bits.

  10. I made these last night for a party, and they were a hit! However, I didn’t make a cupcake box, and when I moved them to the fridge, they all fell over. Icing was everywhere! Next time, I’m definitely using the cupcake box to avoid messes and keep the frosting looking pretty.

  11. I did a similar thing, but I baked the cakes separately and then glued them into the cones with icing. Didn’t realise you could just bake the cake mix right in the cone!

  12. I made these for the Halloween party tomorrow but I can’t decide if the cones will keep better in the fridge or at room-temp. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

  13. Here’s another idea in decorating your cake cone frost flat add sprinkles take to your function along with half gallon of your favorite ice cream and when you serve each cone top with scoop of ice cream. New twist to ice cream in a ” cake cone”

  14. If you put a piece of foil over he muffin tin, then make a little hole in each muffin space, the cone fits perfectly and it holds it tightly in place where it won’t fall over.:)

  15. I’ve made these before…kids love them:) how do I transport them though? It was tough last time and they have to make it to school tomorrow:) thanks!

  16. I have made these quite a few times (once for the school summer fayre, they sold like hot cakes). I used a muffin tray to bake with and after decoration stored them inside a chocolate sweet tin, mine held 12. Once I added the frosting of either chocolate or vanilla I sprinkled on top hundreds and thousands/fudge pieces/mini chocolate drops/ chocolate strands/ sugar strands and added half a chocolate flake so they looked like a 99 cone.

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