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How underwater maternity photos helped me enjoy my pregnant body

Why underwater maternity photos? Because any time I have my picture taken my brain is all, “Have my arms always been this… weird!? Why are my hands so flappy? Is THIS what my smile feels like? HOW DO LEGS WORK!???” Amplify those body issues by, well, two when you’re pregnant and it can feel even MORE awkward. But under the water, all of that changes! And the result is all this mermaid awesomeness…

No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

Jayme and David are the nerdiest of nerd parents and are welcoming their new baby with a bang. Their maternity session guest starred Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. We’re a little late for our last Friday the 13th, but who would ever say no to a repeat event?!

This is a killer horror geek maternity shoot…

A dreamy nature park maternity session just in time for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, moms! I thought this gorgeous whimsical maternity session by Kentucky-based Seriously Sabrina Photography would be a great addition to our site today.

A spring-themed maternity photo session in a greenhouse

Nicole and George were ready to shoot their maternity photos to celebrate the impending arrival of their first child, but were stuck: they live in Massachusetts, and at the time of the session it was still cold outside. Luckily their photographer Amie Fedora Photography knew of a warm spot: the greenhouses at Wellesley College. The photos are a sweet capture of the excitement of new life — complete with flowers to boot!

A rockabilly maternity session featuring the whole family

I am super stoked to share this maternity session featuring Silvia, Geo, and Mia today — the rockabilly theme and tin can phone is the cutest combination of ideas! These photos were taken by Minerva Photography in Davie, Florida.

Two mamas, a baby on the way, and abundant sunshine

Y’all, I am swooning over Jill and Erica’s maternity session by Amy Ann Photography! The session took place in Columbus, Ohio, and the group visited the wonderful So-Hud tree mural, the Buggy Works complex in the Arena District, North Bank Park, and ended the photos at the Book Loft in the German Village (locals shout out!).

An intimate representation of a celebration of life: my husband took my maternity photos and I love them

Ever since I was a teenager I always wanted to get professional shots when I was heavily pregnant, because I’ve always found the pregnant form to be absolutely exquisite. However, I was swamped under work for the last several weeks of my pregnancy which meant that I ran out of time and was unable to get a professional shoot. Being the determined (stubborn) person that I am, I still really wanted to get some photos, because I didn’t think I’d ever feel so confident in myself again.

Jenny and Skot’s sunflower and music maternity session

Jenny and Skot took advantage of their last pre-baby vacation and had a friend shoot a few maternity photos — complete with happy sunflowers and music playing.