A Harry Potter-inspired maternity session

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Gwyneth Colleen sent this shoot over and it’s packed with lovely shots of this family. What struck me about the shoot was the poses they came up with.

Even though the family is dressed low-key, these poses they came up with and shot with Gwyneth make the shots unique and fun to look at.

For example, the mom-to-be relaxing with a great book:

Gwyneth Colleen Photography
Photo courtesy of Gwyneth Colleen Photography.

Please note the very apt Gryffindor scarf 🙂 This all just feels very natural to me. The angle, the pose, everything works. I’m a huge book nerd so I may just have to borrow this idea!

Gwyneth Colleen Photography
Photo courtesy of Gwyneth Colleen Photography.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m a fool for pumpkins, but this picture tickles me to no end. I just love how they were able to give everyone in the family a way to shine, and that little girl holding her wee bitty pumpkin makes me squee all over.

Gwyneth Colleen Photography
Photo courtesy of Gwyneth Colleen Photography.

I could see this pose working in a couple ways. If you’re not finding out the sex of your baby beforehand, you could use a block with a question mark on it. Or, if you and your partner are into ASL, you could use your hands to spell out the sex of your baby. Either way, it spells a win.

Gwyneth Colleen is located in New Hampshire, but she’s definitely willing to travel. If you’re looking for a photographer who will take your ideas and make them work, I suggest giving her a jingle.

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Comments on A Harry Potter-inspired maternity session

  1. oh my goodness these shots are awesome i LOVE the pumpkins and i just spent 5 min laughing at that little girls twitter, i'm going to have to follow her!

  2. I am the mom in the shoot…thanks so much for featuring this photos! I love Gwyneth so very much. When I was pregnant with my daughter (the pumpkin-holding one) I felt all huge and tired and unattractive. The maternity shoot Gwyn did for me then made me feel BEAUTIFUL. She is so good at helping people relax and be themselves in front of the camera, which produces the best shots. She really brings out her clients' personalities in her shoots.

    That Harry Potter picture is one of my favorites. I was so uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy with my son that I couldn't sleep. That last couple months, I laid in bed at night an re-read all the HP books. They were even more significant to me knowing I was having a boy, and thinking about Lily Potter's powerful love for Harry. Hence wanting to have this shot in my maternity session.

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