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The parent stays in the photo: part two

Yesterday we ran part one of photos featuring you guys and your parents. Since there were so many in the Flickr Pool we figured it made sense to split the posts into two. Without further ado, here’s part two!

Eye Candy round-up: let’s all get our ogle on

It’s Eye Candy time! Wanna get in on the love? Drop a photo and a few sentences into our Flickr pool or send it to us.

This beachside yoga-infused maternity session’s gonna make you swoon

Amy and Tres share a love for yoga — in fact, they were introduced to one another by their yoga teacher. The two are now expecting their first tiny yogi, and decided to have some fun with yoga during their maternity session with Cassie Leigh Photography.

In this week’s Eye Candy: a boyfriend, partner, and fiance who rock at child-raising

It’s time for a lil’ bit of Eye Candy! This week is heavy on the dudes, but also heavy on the looooove.