Vices Canisters: sorta like a demented cookie jar

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Vices Canisters by Jonathan Adler

We all have our vices, and these light-hearted striped ceramic jars give you a cookie jar-like storage spot for your chemical of choice, whether it be something illicit like ganja, quaaludes, or uppers; something a bit more common like caffeine or prozac; or even my vice of choice, glitter.

Of course, you could also store whatever you wanted in each canister — maybe cookies are your prozac? Personally, I love the idea of storing my teabags in an uppers canister. Check out the full line, and see which vice catches your fancy.

(Warning: like vices, the canisters are not cheap.)

Comments on Vices Canisters: sorta like a demented cookie jar

  1. WHY DON’T I HAVE ALL OF THESE IN MY PANTRY RIGHT NOW! Goodness they’re expensive but I am all over this. The amount of happiness I would get from seeing them everyday would make it worth it.

  2. No “beta blockers” jar? How about “chemotherapy drug” jar? Ah, no, because taking your medication for these illnesses is not a vice but prozac, well damn girl, you gotta get that under control… Sorry for snark, but you see the point, right? I get that it is meant to be light hearted but we really really do not need anything that further stigmatises mental illness and classing a common treatment for depression as a vice just re-enforces to those of us who may take it that we are doing something wrong

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