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10 gorgeous judgement-busting photos of tattooed parents

Sure, in recent years, tattoos have become more common, but they can still carry a negative connotation.

The people in my “Tattooed Parents in Everyday Society” collection are parents who have been judged by those that do not know them. Many of these parents own small businesses, are tattoo artists themselves, are a part of a military family, and raise amazing kiddos. They just also have this amazing art on their bodies…

Can you get a tattoo over a stretched postpartum stomach?

I have always wanted a tattoo, and having come to this point in my life I feel like I can choose one to go on said stomach. However, I cannot find any pictures or information on getting a tattoo on stretched, loose skin — not, like, little stretch mark, c-section scar belly. It’s like, hanging, stretched-flesh belly.

Is a tattoo over a stretched postpartum belly a thing you can do? And if it is, what kind of design would work?

On being a heavily-tattooed parent in the “white picket fence” suburbs

Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest forms of art, laden with as many different meanings as there are global cultures. And they’re all fun and games when you are young and carefree — society is more likely to accept your tattoos and move on with their lives. But I have found that the rules change when you become parents.

How do you reconcile your tattoo needs with those of your partners?

In the span of our relationship, I have developed moderate myalgic encephalomyelitis. I’ve also been clinically depressed since I was about 15. Between the two of those things, there are a LOT of days when it seems easier to give up than keep going. And that’s where the “inspirational tattoo” would come in. When I told my husband what I was thinking, he was clearly swallowing a lot of objections…

What do you do with permanent reminders of your ex?

I saw the Offbeat Bride post about showing off tattoos in your wedding dress. It got me thinking about one of my tattoos. Specifically, the matching tattoo my ex and I got years before I met my husband. Then I got to thinking… I wonder how many other Homies carry around tattoos or pieces of their exes through their relationships?

Pregnant belly, puppy, and lots of ink (plus, a dad-beard that wins the internet today)

Tattoo artists Rebecca and Brandon are happily expecting their first human child (they already have a dog) within the next few weeks, and recently asked photographer Ashlee Newman to document their pregnancy. The two chose a goooorgeous wooded river, and brought their fur baby along for the session.

My tattoo is beautiful… so why am I regretting it?

Earlier this year, I decided to go ahead with my plans for a half-sleeve tattoo. The tattoo itself is beautiful, and for a very long time I was happy with it, but now I’m feeling some regrets. I don’t want to get rid of it; I want to love it. I want to learn how to accept not only this part of my body, but other parts of myself.

Weirdo ambassadors: Exploring the friction between attention-seeking and impatience

If I dress in a way that I know attracts a certain kind of attention, is it fair for me to get impatient when someone is curious about it?