There are any number of ways you could resuse your offbeat wedding stuff on your offbeat Christmas set up. We have a few ideas to use your RSVP cards, those ubiquitous mason jars, and more — thanks to Offbeat Bride’s DIY editor Jess for her help!

Here are three thoughts on ways to use wedding decor as Christmas fancyness:

1. My wedding used handmade crepe paper flowers — which would be lovely ornaments, too.

2. Paint a snowscape on some of those mason jars. Just grab a paint pen and draw wintery things on the outside of the glass, like trees, snowflakes and snow drifts. Drop a tea light in and watch as your upgraded mason jars throw awesome shadows on the walls!

3. 3D forest cards are as straightforward as they look. Cut tree shapes out of two RSVP cards at a time, then slice down toward the middle on one, up toward the middle on the other. Slide them into each other and stand them on a flat surface; keep them away from open flame (duh).

Get to decorating, Homies! If you come up with a brilliant thought, I want to hear about it.

Comments on Use your wedding decorations for double-duty Christmas decor

  1. My wedding used 1/2 mile of ribbon – so obviously I decorated my tree with the leftovers. Margaret from “Dennis the Menace” would be so jealous of my ribbon & bows tree!

  2. Phew! You just reminded me to make ornaments with the remaining vintage keys from making boutonierres! Yay! We decorated last night with hand me down decorations, craft swap tiny Weasley sweaters, local straw ornaments, a tin Mexican orange, and some homemade ones. Only about 20 ornaments all told, but whatever. They’ll accumulate!

  3. We had guests write well wishes on paper hearts as they arrived at our wedding, then they tied them onto the arch we were married under. We used the paper hearts to decorate our tree (in addition to ornaments). It was so cool to read all those lovey, kind comments again and be reminded of how much love was in the air on our wedding day.

  4. Friends of ours gave out little silver bells as favors – instead of clanging on glasses to get them to kiss (which wasn’t feasible given that their glassware was actually plastic), everyone rang the little bells. Shortly after their autumn wedding, they moved into a house. As a housewarming, I incorporated the silver bells into a wreath for them.

  5. For my wedding (11 years ago), I’d made a ton of aisle bows from burgundy satin wired ribbon. In the following years, I used some of these ribbons to decorate xmas garlands that I hung in our house — pix are here:

    I’ve also wrapped some of these ribbons around a grapevine wreath for the front door & used some loose nestled among pinecones in a table centerpiece, all very Gothic Martha Stewart-y (as is my nature ;-).

    Nothing gets wasted!

  6. This makes me want to make more things to have strewn about for the wedding just so I can put them on my tree! Our venue is a decoration in of itself and requires little from us to add. But, now I can think of all sorts of things to make and know they will have a future other than a dusty box in the attic.

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