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'Tis the season for a peek into Homies' offbeat & geeky holiday decor

‘Tis the season for a peek into Homies’ offbeat & geeky holiday decor

We put out the call to all Homies following Offbeat Home & Life’s Instagram to share their favorite offbeat & geeky holiday decor. I shared my partner’s board game tree (see below), and the Homies did NOT disappoint. There are stockings hung on wall art, decorated Tulipop trees, Nightmare Before Christmas decor, and even an upside down tree(!).

Tree Day, or our Christmas Before Christmas tradition

Tree Day, or our Christmas Before Christmas tradition

The end result of our Tree Day is the best of both worlds:

We get to have Christmas our way, with the just two of us, and when the real Christmas rolls around a couple of weeks later, we get to spend quality time with our families. It also serves to make the erection of the Christmas tree decorating its own special ritual, when it could be seen as just a chore.

Homies for the holidays: A festive peek inside your decorated pads

I was searching around for something to replace a Doctor Who angel Christmas tree topper (I waited too long and they’re sold out now, boo) it occurred to me that I’d LOVE to see what other Offbeat Homies have for their holiday decor.

How kitty sweaters, virtual fires, and friends saved the day I had to work on Christmas day

Last Christmas was a lonely one for me. I was separated from my family and I had to work. My heart was broken. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. After my Christmas fate was sealed, I told my group of besties about how sad I was about missing my favorite part of Christmas for work. We then decided to have our own Christmas celebration after my shift was over. The name for our shindig was not original, but it meant the world to me: Friend Christmas.

The no-kill Christmas tree

My mom does not like cutting down trees, so she refuses to do traditional Christmas trees. She also hates plasticky stuff, so no fake trees. She’s since developed a perfect no-kill Christmas tree. It’s conical! It’s solid! It smells delicious! Here’s how she does it.

How I created Christmas, Whovian-style

What do you do if you’ve got a ton of Doctor Who knickknacks, a bare Christmas tree, and a cat named Pandora? You create the ultimate Doctor Who cat toy! Here’s how I created Christmas, Whovian-style…

Make a last-minute Christmas tree with string lights

Need a little last-minute Christmas cheer? Take some inspiration from Homie Tiffany Steinke, who uploaded her “impromptu Christmas tree” to our Flickr pool, make a tree out of a string of lights!

My “starting over” Christmas tree

Since my life completely changed over the summer when my marriage ended, I was left in a flurry of sadness and heartbreak. The saddest thing is that my anniversary is five days before Christmas. I was sure I was going to be depressed around the holidays again. So, I bought this small branch from a craft store, as well as a single ornament that I wrote the year on, a vase and filler pearls. I call it my “starting over tree.”