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Last-minute free digital Halloween party invites for your spooky soiree

Last-minute free digital Halloween party invites for your spooky soiree

Planning a Boos & Booze Halloween or fall bonanza? There’s still time to get Halloween party invitations in the mail, but in case you don’t have time to get to it or just run in a more digital crowd, I’ve found some seriously adorably creepy free digital Halloween party invites that will entice everyone to your hair-raising fête. Evite-style invites are still totally a thing and help keep waste to a minimum. Plus: FREE!

The cutest handbags with the darkest style

Thanks to this amazing ribcage knuckle duster clutch, I just found out that Neatorama’s online store has an awesome selection of handbags! From Hello Kitty to skulls and flowers, these bags are the cutest, darkest accessories you’ll see this side of the interwebs.

Gifts for only the most black-hearted bad asses

Welcome to the forth edition of the Offbeat Home gift guides. This gift roundup was pretty fun to put together, because while I may be a total nerd, I definitely have a dark soul. So welcome to my roundup of gifts to get your black-hearted, bad-ass, totally-fucked-up-in-a-good way loved ones.

Skull-covered damask shower curtain

We featured a skull-filled bathroom a couple weeks ago, and for those of you who were inpsired, I thought this $22 skull-covered damask shower curtain might be an excellent accent piece.

A skull-themed bathroom with surprising storage ideas

Offbeat Homie T’Rina shared with us her colorful and skull-themed bathroom that includes this amazing flaming heart painting and mini skull mobile(!), kitchen goods as bathroom helpers, and lots of original artwork.

Monday Moment: Happy chalkboard-y fridge with skulls on top

Janelle’s skull and erasable chalkboard fridge makes her smile every day and brightens up her otherwise very grumpy/groggy mornings. I dig the Tardis drawing.

Make skull art with bookcases

This is the work of James Hopkins’, who is a sculptor. I realize this is a piece of his art work, but it inspires me to go play around with my bookshelves to see what sort of subtle icons I could invoke…

Antlers, bones, and dead things as decor

I love dead animals. I mean, I like LIVING animals more, but bones and teeth and taxidermied things are my favorite type of decorative detritus.

So let’s look at bones in the home. I understand if this icks you out. There’s only a little shame in that.