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'Tis the season for a peek into Homies' offbeat & geeky holiday decor

‘Tis the season for a peek into Homies’ offbeat & geeky holiday decor

We put out the call to all Homies following Offbeat Home & Life’s Instagram to share their favorite offbeat & geeky holiday decor. I shared my partner’s board game tree (see below), and the Homies did NOT disappoint. There are stockings hung on wall art, decorated Tulipop trees, Nightmare Before Christmas decor, and even an upside down tree(!).

How to get your hands on some crocheted Christmas balls

How cool are these crocheted Christmas balls!? They were made and uploaded to our Flickr pool by Homie KissKus. Do you want to know how you can DIY, or get your hands on these cool crocheted ornaments? Check it out…

How to gift Christmas ornaments that will make humans, pets, and trees happy from Susabella

For some peeps (like me), one of the best parts of the holidays is decorating the tree. Why not gift your loved ones an awesome, loving addition to their favorite holiday tradition? That’s totally easy to do with our longtime sponsor Susabella. Check out this Christmas ornament gift guide complete with special discount…

DIY glittery baby doll part Christmas ornaments

I’m all over adding whimsy to traditional Christmas decorating, but how about a little macabre action too? Here’s how to make your own bedazzled baby doll part ornaments for seasonal sparkle with a dark sense of humor…

Homie holiday decor: A peek into your homes

I put out the call for our Homies to send us their holiday decorations. Damnit, I want to see how y’all offbeat the holidays. And WOW did I get some amazing peeks into your homes. We’ve got alien-head tree-toppers, Mid-century Christmanukkah decor, beer ornaments, and trees that are both sideways AND upside down!

DIY glittery Death Star holiday tree topper

This year, my fiance and I welcomed our very first full-size Christmas tree into our lives! I took advantage of the opportunity to craft this Death Star tree topper. AND IT WAS SO EASY. And now you can do the same thing, if you want!

Use a garland to display your favorite ornaments

Homie Colleen, who showed us her renovated house in Minneapolis and her apple cider caramels, has brought us a great idea to kitty-proof your Christmas.

Tricks for storing holiday decorations so you can actually use them again

I love Christmas decos — it’s a chance to hide all the bits of the house I don’t like. But by March or April I really have to take them down again. Luckily, I’ve gotten really good at putting those decorations away so I can use them again next Christmas — no more broken baubles on the slate floor.