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Exhuming love

Sometimes on my walks, I even leave my phone at home.…I KNOW! Lately, I’ve been trying to imagine my phone in my hand as a strong cocktail — do I really need to take this cocktail on a walk with me? Yikes. Do I really need to have this cocktail in my hand while I’m hugging my son? Eep. Is 7am really a good time for a cocktail? Barf.

The easiest stir fry sauce recipe ever

This is Offbeat Homie Erin, aka HippoandRiley‘s, recipe for the “easiest stir fry sauce ever.” And you can make it all in one jar…

Use mason jars to collect what’s left in an “empty” lotion bottle

Okay, I might be the stingiest person alive, but I got THIS much lotion out of an “empty” lotion bottle by cutting off the top, and scooping it out. This has to be a packaging flaw…

Create colorful vases with crocheted Mason jar cozies

Who does love a shelf full of colorful jar awesomeness!? Got a lot of Mason jars and a lot of yarn? Wanna make these yourself? I don’t blame you. Here are a couple of YouTube tutorials to get you started…

Make your own action figure terrarium

I love my action figures but I often wish I had a better way to display them rather then gathering dust on a dark shelf. So, when I saw a terrarium a few weeks ago, it hit me: Mini terrariums personalized for each figure would be a perfect and stylish way to show ’em off. Intrigued? Here’s how you make an action figure terrarium…

Great idea of the day: Use bottles and jars to organize your necklaces

I know your always looking for new and efficient ways to store your jewelry. We’ve featured a lot of jewelry displays, but what if you don’t want to keep all of your jewelry out, hanging up, etc. This great idea comes from Becky who uses bottles to separate and organize her necklaces.

Put a lid on your Mason jar to make it a great reusable on-the-go cup

Oh mason jars, is there NOTHING you can’t do? Okay, you weren’t the most portable “on the go” type beverage holder. Until now.

Use your wedding decorations for double-duty Christmas decor

Juniper Zombie started my unusual Christmas tree hunt on the right foot when she pinged us about showing off her mad rad purple and black tree. We’ve got pics of it, more ideas on ways to recycle your wedding stuff.