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Our black and rainbow, music-inspired craft room

Despite the fact that it is a black room, our newly remodeled office/craft room is very bright and fun! I spend a lot of time in this room blogging and doing projects so I wanted it to be a fun place to hang, and I think it’s mission accomplished.

How to take your living room from “man cave” to “girly”

The apartment I’d like to have is the following: girly and pretty with soft colours — what a dream. Unfortunately, my apartment looks closer to a man cave than Jenni’s pretty apartment. How do I work around these comfy, yet quite masculine, black leather couches to create something girly?

The black bedroom and bathroom of your delightfully dark dreams

Tabatha, of Turn Right at Lake Michigan, has been working HARD on her master bedroom — starting from the studs up — and it’s finally finished. It’s dark and beautiful and FULL of gothy inspiration. But wait until you see the black bathroom action. Now this is how one does a BLACK home decor…

Monday Moment: the dark and girly version

Our copyeditor Caroline created a gorgeous moment on and around her vanity. But I also had to throw in a bonus bed moment because it’s the perfect lesson in how you can make your bedroom dark and goth-y yet still pretty and girly.

I kicked my closet-kitchen up a notch with a black wall

I painted my kitchen nook the other day! My mini-kitchen-in-a-nook started out looking…a little dull.

So to brighten up my kitchen and make it pop as its on space in my apartment, I painted it black. Black: new hot color for kitchens?

A photo guide on reupholstering metal-framed chairs

I redid our uggo old taupe dining room chairs, and found it surprisingly easy. It only took a few materials, and using new padding, a staple gun, and jersey knit fabric, I have totally like-new chairs!

Gothic garden planning: 5 black blooms worth braving the sun for

As I dove into garden-planning season, I came across this breathtaking flower: the Black Parrot tulip. Now, I know it’s too late to plant tulips, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about these.

Happily, the Black Parrot led me down a rabbit hole of other dark plants — the kind of vegetation that might convince even the palest of goths to slather on sunscreen and get into the garden.

Treat yourself! …To another macabre Christmas tree

Christmas comes but once a year so I have to share ANOTHER dark Christmas tree from a reader — even though we already showed one gothy purple one! Whatever. I really doubt you guys are going to complain that we have too many AWESOME VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS PHOTOS.