Undersea creature Christmas ornaments (including a Seussian fish, and a sexy merman)

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My Christmas decorations are all ocean-themed. The santa on our stocking isn’t on a sleigh, but paddling a canoe, our tree is covered in shells and ocean critters, and our color scheme is turquoise, green, and silver. So, I set out to find some of the best ocean-themed Christmas tree ornaments out there — and came away with a big haul, all sea creatures, some more fantastical than others.

61CN4iKIKiL._SL1500_There’s no better way to start than with octopus love! Glittery, tentacle-y, and invited to my tree any time.

December Diamonds ornaments

GET IT? There’s a parrot fish, catfish, seahorse, sea lion, and dog fish. Oh, visual puns. These ornaments are SO STUPID and also pretty cute.

Dr. Seuss from Department 56 Flower Fish Ornament

A pretty, long-finned Dr. Seuss Flower Fish ornament. Could you imagine a Seussed-up tree?!

shark christmas ornamentYou know I gotsta represent my favorite sea creature in this roundup. I’m positive that Santa reaches the Finley house by riding a freaking shark, y’all.

merman ornament

There is an ENTIRE COLLECTION of mermen on Amazon. They’re all bizarre, but this one had the best title and description: “7 inches long and SO HOT!”

Comments on Undersea creature Christmas ornaments (including a Seussian fish, and a sexy merman)

  1. I love the merman and the narwhal. Our most unique ornament is our tree topper: a Hawk Girl action figure with morningstar. She’s our bad ass Xmas angel!

  2. Oh this shit is right up my alley!!!! I have completely ocean-themed Christmas decor — my colors are blue, sea green and silver, ocean creature ornaments on the tree, and Hawaiian-style stockings with Santa in a canoe and hibiscus flowers on them.

  3. My tree is mainly Suess, it has Thing 1, Thing 2 and a grinch on top and that’s all it has! (It’s also only 2ft tall though)

  4. I’ve seen some awesome glass jellyfish ornaments on Etsy but sadly can afford none of the cooler ones πŸ™

  5. My mom puts up an under the sea themed Christmas tree every year! I’ve got half a mind to buy her these goofy mermen. That octopus is totally fantastic too.

  6. I have three different octopus ornaments. I love octopi, and people give me octopus things all the time. I love my random christmas cephalapods. =D Sexy mermen are going to have to be added to my ornament collection this year, for sure.

  7. Anyone watch Community? Last year after the Christmas episode, my SO and I went out and bought a stuffed animal pterodactyl, then put a Christmas wreath around its neck. Christmas Pterodactyl! We are trying to find someone to make a tree-topper like it (you know, like an angel tree-topper), but sadly haven’t had the time to be successful at it. Any suggestions are welcome. πŸ™‚
    But seriously, these are all amazing.

  8. I love the seahorse. We have a pink fish and a pineapple on our tree and I have blue dragon that is too big and heavy for the tree. I think I need more unusual christmas decorations now……

    The mermen are ……interesting

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