Undersea creature Christmas ornaments (including a Seussian fish, and a sexy merman)

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My Christmas decorations are all ocean-themed. The santa on our stocking isn’t on a sleigh, but paddling a canoe, our tree is covered in shells and ocean critters, and our color scheme is turquoise, green, and silver. So, I set out to find some of the best ocean-themed Christmas tree ornaments out there — and came away with a big haul, all sea creatures, some more fantastical than others.

61CN4iKIKiL._SL1500_There’s no better way to start than with octopus love! Glittery, tentacle-y, and invited to my tree any time.

December Diamonds ornaments

GET IT? There’s a parrot fish, catfish, seahorse, sea lion, and dog fish. Oh, visual puns. These ornaments are SO STUPID and also pretty cute.

Dr. Seuss from Department 56 Flower Fish Ornament

A pretty, long-finned Dr. Seuss Flower Fish ornament. Could you imagine a Seussed-up tree?!

shark christmas ornamentYou know I gotsta represent my favorite sea creature in this roundup. I’m positive that Santa reaches the Finley house by riding a freaking shark, y’all.

merman ornament

There is an ENTIRE COLLECTION of mermen on Amazon. They’re all bizarre, but this one had the best title and description: “7 inches long and SO HOT!”

Comments on Undersea creature Christmas ornaments (including a Seussian fish, and a sexy merman)

  1. Oh this shit is right up my alley!!!! I have completely ocean-themed Christmas decor — my colors are blue, sea green and silver, ocean creature ornaments on the tree, and Hawaiian-style stockings with Santa in a canoe and hibiscus flowers on them.

  2. I have three different octopus ornaments. I love octopi, and people give me octopus things all the time. I love my random christmas cephalapods. =D Sexy mermen are going to have to be added to my ornament collection this year, for sure.

  3. Anyone watch Community? Last year after the Christmas episode, my SO and I went out and bought a stuffed animal pterodactyl, then put a Christmas wreath around its neck. Christmas Pterodactyl! We are trying to find someone to make a tree-topper like it (you know, like an angel tree-topper), but sadly haven’t had the time to be successful at it. Any suggestions are welcome. 🙂
    But seriously, these are all amazing.

  4. I love the seahorse. We have a pink fish and a pineapple on our tree and I have blue dragon that is too big and heavy for the tree. I think I need more unusual christmas decorations now……

    The mermen are ……interesting

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