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How to make oil lanterns out of test tubes

Who doesn’t like test tubes and fire? No one, I tells ya. I thought these DIY lighting projects came out pretty cool, so I figured I’d teach you how to make them, so you can learn from my many mistakes.

The solar-powered zombie lawn lantern is a thing, and it’s awesome

You know we loves us some badass lawn ornaments — trippy lawn ornaments, dragon mailboxes, and barfing gutter gargoyels. This time I’ve found the goriest, scariest way to light your lawn — the “Dead Rising” Zombie Solar-Powered Garden Light, of course!

Put a bird on it for an instant upgrade to a plain lamp

>Offbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat is at it again. We’ve already seen what she easily created with a piece of driftwood, or some chalkboard paint. Now check out another one of her easy-but-awesome DIY projects.

Secret Ships’ wonderful home goods and fashions from all over the planet!

Our newest, awesome sponsor Secret Ships is a recently-launched online boutique that carries a global selection of affordable home goods, clothing, and accessories. You can shop all over the world — Latin America, The Middle East, India, Asia, and Africa — in one convenient space.

Amazing light fixtures that will do double duty as conversation-pieces

Gaze upon the awesome light fixture — rainbow chandelier FTW! — that inspired this post. I stumbled up on this on (the aptly named) Light in the Box. There were just SO MANY light fixtures that I lost my mind over, that I thought I’d break this down into categories: vintage, goth, modern, and wildcards.

Kid’s lighting you should totally use in your grown-up bedroom

TRUE STORY: after reading this Offbeat Home post, I was cruising Amazon for the perfect rainbow shower head for our home (we went with this one) when I spied the Fireflies In My Room light. I needed something to make my cart add up to more than $25 to score free shipping, so I giddily added it. We’ve featured the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room numerous times on Offbeat Families, and I’ve always kind of wanted one — since the fireflies light is made by the same people I figured I’d probably love it. Right? Right.

From candle holder to DIY pendant light

While shopping at a home decor store for some side tables, my wife and I came across what we thought was a cute little floral glass light shade. Unfortunately it was just a candle holder, but I figured with a little ingenuity I’d be able to modernize it and make an electric fixture out of it. Here’s how I did just that…

Make an emergency candle out of toilet paper and butter

Thanks to Neatorama for featuring this fascinating-yet-super-helpful video on how to use butter and toilet paper to make a candle. Perfect for emergencies like power outages or unexpected romantic interludes.