Put a bird on it for an instant upgrade to a plain lamp

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bird lamp diyOffbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat is at it again. We’ve already seen what she easily created with a piece of driftwood, or some chalkboard paint. Now check out another one of her easy-but-awesome DIY projects. As she explained it:

Plain lamp + swallow stencil + paint = Pretty Lamp

And look how lovely it looks lit up at night…

bird lamp diy 2

Put a bird on it” will always be a classic. What are you going to put on your lamp shade?

Comments on Put a bird on it for an instant upgrade to a plain lamp

  1. I love the bird with that color!

    A grey lampshade with a cat silhouette would be really cute and would go with those pillows from the cat decor roundup. I may have to try this…

    What type of paint did you use, and how did you prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil?

    • I’ve done lots of stencil projects like this and my paint of choice is simply spray stencil paint (or project paint, same product different packaging). To make sure it doesn’t bleed, I use a mild spray adhesive (3m makes one that is “temporary hold” or something). Just don’t leave the stencil on too long or that adhesive becomes permanent !!

  2. There doesn’t have to be a special paint for this with the whole lights create some heat when on?

    This post just inspired me to find a way to add some color to my living/dining room area. Get some stencils and use that as a color splash. 🙂 I probably should then repaint the area first, but damn it I’m INSPIRED.

  3. Nice Portlandia reference; really cute stencil. 🙂

    My fiancé had decided to dye one of the ivory lampshades with some leftover Manic Panic (one of the red colors, but it turns hair orange). After a couple of hours and some turns (and me wondering if it’ll work at all), we ended up with a nice pumpkin orange lampshade that went perfectly with a kitschy lamp we couldn’t find the “right” shade for.

    Who knew Manic Panic worked for lampshades, too?

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