Amazing light fixtures that will do double duty as conversation-pieces

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Gaze upon the awesome light fixture — rainbow chandelier FTW! — that inspired this post. I stumbled up on this on (the aptly named) Light in the Box. There were just SO MANY light fixtures that I lost my mind over, that I thought I’d break this down into categories: vintage, goth, modern, and wildcards.

If you’re looking for the right light fixtures right now for almost any room in almost any style, keep reading and as always, click on the photo ANY of these light fixtures to learn more about any given style.

Goth-inspired light fixtures


Modern Acrylic Chandeliers with 6 Lights Candle Featured Red

Modern light fixtures

1-light Artistic Acryl Pendant Light


Vintage-inspired light fixtures





Wild Cards!

Purple Shell Pendant (0942-MD85001-M)

Artistic Pendant Light in Black Shade

Modern Flush Mount with 3 Lights in Round (G4 Bulb Base)


Pretty great stuff, right? Which one is your favorite?

Comments on Amazing light fixtures that will do double duty as conversation-pieces

  1. We live in an old, old house, and to fit with this we were looking for a simple candle chandelier… but I haven’t seen a candle chandelier outside of those historic reenactment museums. Do they even make these anymore? If that fails, I guess we’ll go opposite end of the spectrum with the rainbow one. 🙂

    • Hi, Naphtha! We live in an early 19th-century listed home, and replacing the cheap bulb-on-a-wire fixtures with historically-sensitive modern fixtures has been a challenge, chandeliers especially. I recommend the Lerdal chandelier from Ikea; it’s inexpensive, bright, simple, and suits a range of interior style eras. Added bonus– real candlelight. Product Page

      Here it is in our living room: chandelier in the wild.

      Disadvantages are the fixture’s weight and chain length, both higher than one would expect. We allowed for the weight by using a larger bolt and the length by removing most of the chain and substituting a (nearly invisible) cable tie connection.

  2. On a similar note I talked to a lady who used vintage bundt pans and swag style light fixtures (you know the cord with light bulb on the end) to make her own light fixtures.

  3. Oh my god, that light fixture with the fans on either side of it….I know I said I would never move again and certainly never remodel a house again, but it makes me want to go back on that promise just to find a house with a room with a high enough ceiling that I can purchase that fixture and install it and look at it every single day.

    • I saw that fixture installed in a home around here. It was in a room with an antiqued punched tin tile ceiling that was in an attic space. The fans were super helpful in keeping it cool. They had arcade machines, a pool table, a poker table and a bar in there. SO AWESOME.

  4. Yeah, I totally own a rainbow light like the top just a bit bigger. To bad I don’t own a house to go with it….

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