Make an emergency candle out of toilet paper and butter

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Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 10.34.10 AMThanks to Neatorama for featuring this fascinating-yet-super-helpful video on how to use butter and toilet paper to make a candle. Perfect for emergencies like power outages or unexpected romantic interludes.

Watch how…

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    • Margarine is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils, so chemically, it would burn. (Chemically most things will burn… eventually. :P) However, personally, I wouldn’t try it with margarine as I wouldn’t want to be aerosolizing that.

      • “It was so romantic. He gave me roses, and we had a bubble bath and ate bon bons, and then he took me to the bedroom and he had lit sticks of butter EVERYWHERE. It was just MAGICAL.”

        • I don’t know about you guys, but if someone MacGyver-ed one of these infront of me, it’d turn me on like WHOA. … I also really like butter. 😉

  1. I wonder if this would work with other solid fats, that don’t necessarily have nice paper wrappers to keep them in shape… I’m thinking that if you used a narrow glass and the paperclip trick that they suggest for giving the wick more support, you could probably use butter that doesn’t come in sticks, shortening, lard, or even maybe margarine (although it might work better with some brands of margarine than others, who knows…). It might even work with oil! (I may need to try this when I get home…)

  2. Interesting to know that you can turn butter into a candle but, it would have to be some kind emergency before I would use butter as a candle. If is a zombie apocalypse, I am going to want end of the world pancakes or something. If it is a temporary power outage, go to bed early and have some fun, (my husband chimed in ” get out your robe and wizard hat.” hehe.

  3. Could you add cinnamon and/or brown sugar to the butter so it would smell like cookies baking while the butter candle is burning? Sounds crazy, maybe, but was just wondering…

    • Omg that sounds like it would smell so good. Please try this and let me know how it goes (I would but I’m a poor college kid who can’t afford food and candles aren’t allowed in the dorm!)

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