Kid's lighting you should totally use in your grown-up bedroom

TRUE STORY: after reading this Offbeat Home post, I was cruising Amazon for the perfect rainbow shower head for our home (we went with this one) when I spied the Fireflies In My Room light. I needed something to make my cart add up to more than $25 to score free shipping, so I giddily added it. We've featured the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room numerous times on Offbeat Families, and I've always kind of wanted one — since the fireflies light is made by the same people I figured I'd probably love it. Right? Right.


From candle holder to DIY pendant light

While shopping at a home decor store for some side tables, my wife and I came across what we thought was a cute little floral glass light shade. Unfortunately it was just a candle holder, but I figured with a little ingenuity I'd be able to modernize it and make an electric fixture out of it. Here's how I did just that…


How can I get outdoor lighting with no power?

Here's the dilemma… we'd love to make more use of our large balcony — except there's no power outlet out there, or even lights above. It gets pretty dark out there, so we havent really made much use of the space at night which is a shame. We've run extension cords for power before, but it would be cool if any of the Offbeat Homies have got better ideas for lighting up the balcony!


Help me repurpose my old Moroccan lamps!

Can anyone suggest a quick, cheap fix for these Moroccan lamps? I'm not nearly as crafty as I would like to be and the silk surrounding the shades is so dry and brittle it tears easily if you attempt to clean it. I would however, like to maintain a spicy feel to them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!