Kid’s lighting you should totally use in your grown-up bedroom

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Do you want fireflies in your room?!

TRUE STORY: after reading this Offbeat Home post, I was cruising Amazon for the perfect rainbow shower head for our home (we went with this one) when I spied the Fireflies In My Room light. I needed something to make my cart add up to more than $25 to score free shipping, so I giddily added it. We’ve featured the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room numerous times on Offbeat Families, and I’ve always kind of wanted one — since the fireflies light is made by the same people I figured I’d probably love it. Right? Right.

It arrived a few days later and I happily attached it to our ceiling. Upon taking it out of the box I was a tiny bit worried it might look a little cheesy in an adult bedroom, but then I remembered we have paintings of animals that were clearly meant for the room of a small child hanging up, so cheese was probably something I should stop worrying about. Luckily for me, it looks awesome! To be fair, this was my husband’s initial reaction:

Skeptical husband is skeptical.

But haters are always gonna hate, soooooo if you’re into the idea of using kid’s fixtures in your own room, here are a few more that I love:

Get a rainbow in your room for $17.

Rainbow in my Room is exactly what it sounds like: rainbows! In your room! Be wise, though: the rainbow projects onto a wall, not randomly into the air like the photo suggests.

Calling all Earth nerds!

The Earth in my Room is increeedible: cities light up from East to West as the sun sets. (!!!) You can also use the remote to light up the Earth manually, but I’m not sure that’d be as fun.

Fairy = $24.

So the Fairy light is technically a nightlight — you plug it into an outlet and a blue fairy is illuminated. Not necessarily as awesome as projected rainbows or fireflies hanging from your ceiling, but still pretty sweet if you’re into fairies.

Yay for cute and fake fireflies in jars.

So maybe you’re not ready to go all in with hanging fireflies from your ceiling — but you could keep one in a jar! The Firefly in a Jar would be a charming little addition to a nightstand, and you don’t have to actually imprison a real firefly to do it!

A few of these are produced by the same company (Uncle Milton). I don’t know if that’s because these people have cornered the market or what, but tell me: what light fixtures do you have in your bedroom?

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  1. I love rabbits, so I have a little bunny nightlight that my fiance picked up from some silly rabbit themed tourist shop in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, whoever wired my apartment put every single outlet upside down, so he’s an upside down bunny.

  2. Man, those are cool. I actually have a set of patio lights decorating my living room window. It’s a string of solar lights with Ivy and dragonflies that light, but since I don’t have any “outdoors” space it’s inside the window in place of say, curtains. I love it, even if it doesn’t always light up as nicely as you’d think.

  3. I just added the Fireflies in My Room light to my registry. You know for the “baby.” Who will be sleeping in my room, so that’s the best place to put the light. 😉

    That light goes with the giant leaves over my bed from the Ikea kids section , right?

    • I totally agree!! My son’s room is “leaf-themed” Painted green with 4 of the giant Ikea leaf canopies, I think he needs to have this light fixture too. Then, when he has out-grown them, I will happily move them all to my plant-geek office/craft room without hesitation!

  4. O.M.G.

    This made me so happy… and then, while looking at the leaves light on Amazon, I saw THIS.

    And I immediately died a little inside because I don’t have a couple of them… yet. I just pulled the husband over to the computer to look at it, and to beg him to let me get a couple for the bedroom in our new house, but… it’s true. Skeptical husband is skeptical. But he’ll come around. I’m sure of it.

  5. I also have a twilight turtle for my son’s room. I can say though, it’s been left in our room on occasion and makes for *excellent* mood lighting. 😉

  6. Ooh! THAT’S what it is! I have a “Moon in my Room” that I picked up at the thrift store (minus remote) and it’s hanging near the bed; I have to manually turn it on and off. Although now I want a new one since I found out that it can do moon phases!

  7. The FIREFLY JAR. That is such an awesome concept. I am tripping up over the part where the light is blue, though. Whither realism?

    One of these days, I need to figure out a nightlight for the bathroom that doesn’t keep me up in my studio apartment. (Yes, I could keep the bathroom door closed at night, but then I would smash into it and probably break my nose when I was just trying to pee. It’s hard being me.) Motion sensor night light? Is there such a thing?

    • Actually, I’m pretty sure the jars come in all kinds of colours. They also had a button that made the light flip around all over the place.

    • I can supply you with absolutely no links, because I’m useless, but motion sensor night lights do exist! My father put a bunch in our house about 10 or so years ago, and I’m sure they’re still around.

    • We too have a motion sensor night light… it’s amazing, we put it in the hall and now nobody accidentally steps in the litter box or rams their hip into the counter.

  8. My living room has the DIY mushroom light and a brand new aquarium (waiting to be steampunk-fied); they both are great romantic lighting!

  9. I have a Time Lord psychic container for my night light! It’s motion sensitive (you have to actually touch it and move it to turn it on), and will either glow a soft white or rotate through the spectrum. It turns itself off after 10 minutes (or you can turn the motion sensitivity off completely with a switch). Got it from ThinkGeek.

  10. I have a lamp on my bedside dresser that has a fish mobile in the lampshade. One lampshade layer is the coral reef that spins clockwise, and another layer is a clear shade with opaque fish spinning counter-clockwise. It’s a little loud–you can hear the gears on top moving, but it’s really cute and lights up a decent amount of space.


    we have two of these guys… the tall skinny one and the short chubby one. they are balanced on top of a closet door that stays open all the time, with their cords hidden behind the door, so they are up near the ceiling and sort of remind us of friendly ghost owls, or the tree spirits from princess mononoke. it looks like they have gone up in price a lot, i remember paying i think $11 for mine and now they are $25.99 but i still think thats totally worth it. they’re super cute and the changing colors are mesmerizing.

    • We have a red ghost (they’re now $17 at Canadian IKEA) and we lost our charge cable so it doesn’t work anymore but so darn cute!

  12. I <3 this post! The children's lighting section has long been my favorite part of IKEA and those firefly/leaf lights have been on my 'want' list ever since I saw them on think geek. BUT I am so sad to see how small they are! Clearly I never paid attention to the dimensions, I was hoping for something much larger. Trying to come up with a DIY version that meets my vision – thinking faux leaves and fairy berry – esque LED throwies a friend made for our wedding…

    There's also these, which I've wanted ever since a kid I babysat introduced them to me:

  13. I have the first light, the fireflies on the leafs… its very underwhelming. And the fireflies fall off if you use the included adhesives, which can be a little startling when you see a big ol critter on the floor.

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