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Garbage lamp is made of garbage

Artist David Batchelor makes sculptural installations from objects found in the streets of London, hollowed, stacked, and given a new life as empty but brightly coloured light boxes or as unlit composites. So glowy.

One reader hosts an open studio tour, another makes driftwood useful, and there are a whole lotta clicky links in here

Also included: a hipster chandelier made of mason jars, cupcake wall art, and a documentary about Community Supported Agriculture.

Not-soulless night lights to brighten your wee-hours pee run

The world needs more not-ugly nightlights. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up a little herd of them to browse. They include mushrooms, friendly aliens and a glass of milk. Way better than a Spongebob night light, yeah?

Adam Wallacavage’s high drama light fixtures with Hello Kitty, octopus, and deer

You’ve probably seen Adam Wallacavage’s octopus chandeliers floating around the ‘net before — photos of them have made the rounds for a while now. I was happy to stumble over his other sculptures this week — and I kind of love them even more.