Secret Ships' wonderful home goods and fashions from all over the planet!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Skull Pillow from India, and
Skull Pillow from India, and Black Flower Hmong Pillow from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our newest, awesome sponsor Secret Ships is a recently-launched online boutique that carries a global selection of affordable home goods, clothing, and accessories.

I swear, it's like this store was created just for you Homies. Check out their backstory: The owners, Natalie and Sara, are two costume designers who have done a good deal of traveling — Natalie as a side show performer and Sara as a backpacker. Between their work in theater and life on the move, they've amassed some pretty big collections of unusual pieces that you can't easily find through mainstream retail.

Let's check out some of their non-mainstream wares, shall we?

Swallow Mirror from Mexico.
Swallow Mirror from Mexico.

You can shop all over the world — Latin America, The Middle East, India, Asia, and Africa — in one convenient space.

Secret Ships was created as a way to bring some of the best things we've found on the road into one place and make them accessible to anybody. We want to make international pieces available to people who don't necessarily have the time or the ability to fly off to a foreign bazaar and shop for themselves. -Natalie and Sara
Peruvian friendship bracelets and Byzantine Fan Earrings, handmade in Istanbul, Turkey.
Peruvian friendship bracelets and Byzantine Fan Earrings, handmade in Istanbul, Turkey.

Secret Ships is not just worldly home goods! They also carry clothing and accessories that you won't find at your local mall. Unless your local mall is in Peru, or Istanbul, or Oaxaca, or Mali…

Oaxacan Birdcage,
Oaxacan Birdcage and Frida Nicho.

Dia de loa Muertos is coming up. If you're having a celebration, or maybe a Dia de los Meurtos wedding, you're going to love Secret Ships' Day of the Dead collection from Mexico. Speaking of weddings… Secret Ships offers discounts on larger orders for special events!

Turquoise Bazaar Lantern from Turkey and handwoven Senegalese basket.
Turquoise Bazaar Lantern from Turkey and handwoven Senegalese basket.

Secret Ships is also offering a special discount on any size order, just for our readers…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Secret Ships is offering a 15% discount to readers of Offbeat Home, valid through Halloween. Just enter code "offbeat15" at checkout.

I fell in love with that Senegalese basket, but it totally sold out. (By the way, I love their "sold out" message!) Don't get your heart broken like me, head over to Secret Ships and snatch up their wonderful worldy wares ASAP!

  1. arrrrghhh! I just (and i mean, *just*, like 2 minutes ago) came back to my desk from the giant fancy mall attached to my office building and was so proud of my determination to Not. Buy. Anything. because we are condo shopping. And i sit down, check out offbeathome and see that skull cushion.


  2. Oh *wow*, I love that Hmong pillow. It would totally clash with the whole of the rest of my decor, but that's a good thing, right?

  3. Looooove! Thank you to Secret Ships for choosing to become an Offbeat Sponsor — now I know you exist! Only downside: I see you only ship to the US at the moment. Please add international shipping options soon.

  4. The Senegal Basket is amazing! I love the top.
    Their sold out message is great! I also like the product description for the basket: "But more importantly, it looks cool, and it makes you apartment look cooler by association. Isn't that the point of decorating?"

    I love the name of the company and the back story. I've wanted to wander around the world for a long time, but since that hasn't happened yet, it would be wonderful to have some worldly goods in my home in the meantime.

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