When artist Doktor A bought a Victorian house in the English countryside in 2007, he embarked on the multi-year project to renovate the attic for use as his studio.

When I say it was a complete renovation, I mean he took a crowbar to the place until all that was left was debris, dust and the rafters. He put in new (old) floors, rebuilt the walls and ceiling, created a new banister, rewired and insulated and even cooked up turn-of-the-century style light switch and power socket plates. OH.

And he designed, built and installed custom shelves and cabinets to hold supplies, art, and figures.

In diving so deep into the renovation, Doktor A had the chance to make big decisions in his materials and techniques. From using eco-friendly reclaimed wood to old-fashioned hardwood oils, he was able to make a super-customized space that looks like it was never so unloved.

At this point, he’s installed new walls and ceiling, new floors with reclaimed pine floorboards, and built this banister using reclaimed wood.

…But enough of the rebuilding phase. You came here to see a Steampunkgasm. We’ll start with the steam. How about an authentic cast-iron steam radiator?

Doktor A had this radiator cast using molds from an original early 20th century design, especially for this studio build. What an amazingly beautiful piece.

While the dust was settling, Doktor A hoarded Victorian furniture, a curio of knick knacks and vinyl figures, and baroque hardware. With everything installed, it looks like it’s been there for 150 years, right?

He even installed AMAZING Edison-style light switches — with a patina he doctored up in his own special acid bath and wax finish set up.

What’s in here? EVERYTHING. Click on the photo for a larger look at the curiosity-filled print case.

It’s clear this is a workspace one could get lost in. It would be tough to remember to leave for a bit when the work is flowing — a space so personalized and cozified is a rare opportunity. What I’m saying is I am completely coveting this studio. UGH.

If you’re coveting too, see even more photos and read Doktor A’s notes on his blog. Learn more about his post-Victorian art at Spooky Pop and Mechtorians.

Comments on A steampunk studio built from the studs up

  1. What a lovely home! I love how it’s not obviously over the top too. Well done, that man!

    BTW, I had radiators very similar to Doktor A’s made for my cellar conversion – they look wonderful and certainly chuck out the heat! I’d recommend them to anyone!

  2. My NYC apartment in grad school came with an original cast iron heater, mostly held together by layers of paint. They look lovely when they are in great shape, and I would have tried to restore mine, if it was not a rental. Now my goal is to live somewhere with a modern heating system 😉

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