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Check out this Victorian workspace for jewelry-making

I work in one corner of the living room of my Victorian house — it’s a brick hearth where a woodstove used to be — in an amazing antique chair that I found at a thrift store. My workbench is an antique sewing machine table…

Treat yourself! …To another macabre Christmas tree

Christmas comes but once a year so I have to share ANOTHER dark Christmas tree from a reader — even though we already showed one gothy purple one! Whatever. I really doubt you guys are going to complain that we have too many AWESOME VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS PHOTOS.

Shop Clockwork Couture for an elegant Halloween and timeless home decor

New sponsor Clockwork Couture is all about looking good in timeless clothes. I was going to talk about all the corsets, lingerie, blouses and skirts that Clockwork offers, but then I saw the shoes. You will be pleased.

Nine gorgeous Victorian houses

If you think Victorians aren’t the house for you, wait until you see the Addams Family wannabes in this post.

Laurel and Michael’s Victorian gothic haunted mansion on a hill

This The Shining-esque manor was built as a summer luxury hotel in 1896 — and now it’s home to 35 amazing apartments.

A steampunk studio built from the studs up

Even if you only have a passing interest in Steampunk, Doktor A’s studio construction will make you drool. From Edison-style light switches to custom cast iron radiators, the studio is startlingly authentic.