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Through the looking glass into this “Alice in Steamland” party & wedding inspiration

When it comes to having kick-ass parties, there’s nothing quite like a good theme. We became privy to this amazing Alice in Wonderland party inspiration that featured the performance artists from Paidia Events. There was dancing on tables, wild hijinks with the Mad Hatter, Alice, and The Red Queen, and so many whimsical steampunk-meets-Alice details that we couldn’t even keep up.

Miranda’s “if a gothic seamstress raided an enchanted library” bedroom

Take a tour of one Homie’s bedroom in her Toronto apartment, that she described as… “If a Steampunk pirate and a Gothic seamstress raided an enchanted library and then stopped by a plethora of flea markets and craft shops, I imagine they’d end up with my room exactly.”

Get sexy (even geeky!) boudoir photos from Portland-based The Sensual Photographer

We’ve talked about boudoir photography over on Offbeat Bride with Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body. Much like the title implied, one of our plus sized Tribesmaids called her boudoir session “honestly the most liberating experience of my life.” If you’d like to feel liberated yourself, celebrate the body you love, learn to love the body you have, or give the gift of your sexy-ass self to a special someone(s), you can do so at a special discount with our Oregon-based sponsor The Sensual Photographer.

Non-cutesy and possibly educational coloring books

When I saw The Steampunk Coloring Book online the other day, my heart skipped a beat: how have we not talked about coloring books on this website before?! Coloring, that age-old rite of passage so many children take? We’ve got tips for making your own art supplies, DIYing some possibly ugly crayons, and even an Etsy post featuring a crayon skirt… not no coloring books? Something had to change!

Steampunk-inspired home decor

So you love the Steampunk aesthetic, and you want to encorporate it into your home, but DON’T want it to look like a movie set. I feel ya. I’m a fan of subculture-inspired home design. This is why I’ve rounded up my favorite Steampunk-y home goods, featuring sneaky, mad scientist-y objects that transform from one piece of furniture into another.

Science-y, Steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker

Y’all, I love me some coffee, and my husband STILL laughing over when I got my coffee maker for Christmas: I hugged the box while exclaiming “It grinds AND it brews!” But it takes one dedicated-ass coffee snob to purchase THIS steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker.

Steampunk dragon coffee table is a thing that is real

Dude. Yes. Steampunk + dragon + table = OMG FUCKING RAD I DIE. I didn’t even know we lived in a world where steampunk dragons were a thing — let alone that I could rest my damn feet on one. You know, once I shelled out $450.

Dark clothes, punk shirts, gothic jewelry from

Oh HELLO, newly-scouted Euro-based clothier Restyle. I am in lovvvve with your gothy-punk mix and your supah-cute model. You have come along at just the time so many of us are restocking our closets for summer. Whether you’re looking for a few new accessories or a host of macabre tees, I think you’ll like shopping here.