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Global homes

Although we’re based in the United States, we feature homes from around the world.

The stop-you-in-your-tracks, awesome doors and windows in Morocco

Remember when Ariel freaked out about the bathtubs in Puerto Rico? Well, I’m doing something similar with the doors of Morocco! I have not been able to take one walk through the streets of Morocco without stopping to take a photo of a door or a window…

Upside down boat makes an amazing retreat

Sometimes I go virtually traveling the world, via Airbnb. This is part me getting future vacation ideas and part lusting after amazing properties around the world. And every now and then something like this upside down boat-turned vacation rental pops into my browser, and I think: I MUST SHOW MY HOMIES!

Inviting, eclectic, colorful, comfortable, and ever-evolving: our home in Jakarta, Indonesia

You heard about how Samantha and Ryan made their brave move to Jakarta. Then you (okay, WE) demanded a home tour. Wish granted! It’s colorful, art-filled, and full of GREAT tips if you too are thinking of making the move to Indonesia.

Jasna’s apartment in Cologne, Germany, filled with femininity, soft colours, and crafts

Just because you live in a small apartment in Cologne, Germany, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. Jasna’s apartment is all about crafts, colors, feminine decor, and a spotted fridge. And somehow, it doesn’t seem cramped at all! Oh, and wait until you see how she uses clothing as decor.

Beijing’s tiny underground apartments that house millions

Did you know millions of people in Beijing live in tiny underground apartments built into subterranean apartment blocks and air raid tunnels under the city?

Look through Sim Chi Vin’s photo essay to meet a mother with an eight month old baby, twentysomethings saving on rent by living underground, and people who are woefully underemployed — all living in 10’x10′ boxes.

Bex and Paul’s cozy boat moored in the countryside

I’d never stayed over night on a boat before I bought one to live on. I’d lived in a caravan and a garage for a bit so I thought that was enough — and I was right. This is our home: a narrowboat on England’s canals.

Paul’s red bus in New Zealand

Our friend Paul recently finished his bus renovation — turning a former school bus into a little one-man-one-dog wintertime road house. Come see his rig, his dog, and the cozy wood stove in his simply-made tiny home.

Rick and Annie’s handbuilt treehouse in Australia

What would it be like to inhabit a normal-sized home that’s actually a treehouse? Now we know. We picked up a friend of ours and offered her a ride, and we didn’t know we were in for such a treat when we got to her destination!