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How travel gave me perspective on our media consumption (& the break I needed!)

Traveling gave me perspective on our media consumption (& the break I needed!)

It’s fun to travel outside of your own country, and sometimes it puts you in a whole new mindset when it comes to where you live, how you live, and how you consume information and media. We heard from photographer Casey Hendrickson after her trip to Italy, France, and England.

She shared with us some GORGEOUS photos and also a little wisdom on maintaining perspective on the current state of life in the U.S. and knowing when to take a step back for self-care purposes…

The cutest Blythe doll-inspired living room you’ll ever see

I know some of y’all are Blythe doll fans, so when we found Janie’s photo of her Blythe-y throw pillows and leafy wallpaper, I knew we needed to know more about this room and all the things in it…

Tell this cold-weather newbie what to wear in cold weather

I always knew I would have to get a proper winter wardrobe when I moved to the UK, but I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by options. I have no idea where to start!

Ive never even owned a winter jacket before, so some advice would be really really appreciated…

A nerd-cation pilgrimage to the homeland of Harry Potter and Doctor Who

We made a nerd-cation pilgrimage to the United Kingdom to visit the homeland of two of our favorite stories: Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

We cast a wide net at first, noting every possible location we could visit within a reasonable budget. Eventually we narrowed our travels to three cities: London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, as those cities had the biggest draws for our nerdy hearts while still being accessible by public transit.

The magical inside scoop on the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

If you’ve ever been curious about, dreamed about, or are considering adding the Harry Potter Studio Tour to your vacation plans, you should read this post. Here’s the inside scoop…

A rainy, Michelin star-chasing, foodie vacation in Cartmel, England

Any food-enthusiasts and Michelin star freaks out there? If you’re thinking of taking a culinary-inspired trip, you’ll want to eat up all the details of Lydia and Johan’s foodie honeymoon to Cartmel, England.

5 British comedies and soaps you should watch when you need a break from zombies, meth, and fantasy

I don’t own a TV, but I’m the queen bee of streaming the shows I love to watch online, either via Netflix, Hulu, or some kind of third party. I’m not a fan of some of the bigger shows that are either on TV right now or recently ended (Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones), so when Parenthood skips a week (heeeey network TV) or I’m all Grey’s Anatomy-ed out, I head over to Netflix and start watching funny British comedies instead.

An Olympic-sized excuse to see the world

I’m a huge huge huge Olympics fan and have long wanted to see the Olympics live. When a college friend living in London said she’d be interested in visitors, well, I decided to make things happen! Other than getting tickets for shooting and canoeing (because they were cheap), I arrived with an open schedule and just kinda winged it.