Victoria’s English garden summer studio/occasional shop

Updated Oct 12 2015

summer house studioVictoria started posting her sweet little backyard studio shed in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. And with each photo, I fell a little bit more in love with her space.

Victoria's a textile artist living and working out of Oxfordshire, UK, with her studio cat Tiddles. This summer house studio is set in her family's English country garden — where she reports she has lovely views into fields and rolling hills.

So this is her studio, where she makes clutches, purses, pins, and other re-purposed vintage bits. She also hosts a periodic open studio and — get this — serves tea and cakes to visitors.


She says the space taught her not to overcrowd a bitty room: "I'm always tempted to put more on display than is necessary, but it ends up looking cluttered. I like to give objects space to be seen and admired."

Reading about Victoria's space and seeing its cozy, clean setup makes me dream of a neighborhood with a bevy of pop-up garden-shed shops I can traipse through, drinking Earl Gray and nibbling biscuits. Like a fancy lady.

Before I leave you to ogle the decor porn, here's V's design philosophy: "Don't follow a trend or fashion, it will end up looking dated. If you like it, that's all that counts. Your own style will make it work."

Meet Victoria! At least, most of Victoria.
open studio exhibition
One side of the studio…
studio interior
And the other!
garden cafe
The garden cafe/beach hut.


Yes, you, too, can grow orchids.
spring day
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks, Victoria, for bringing us along.

If you didn't get quite enough, there are a few more photos in her Flickr set.

  1. How freaking precious is this place!? It's like a playhouse for grown up girls! I want one! I think I'm gonna get my husband on building me one straight away.

  2. Please tell me what colour this summerhouse has been painted. I have just bought mine, and this is exactly the colour I want. Thanks.

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