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Happy little crayons! There’s a new Bob Ross coloring book coming out

Are you a Bob Ross fan who just can’t seem to master his signature wet-on-wet painting style? Or maybe a coloring book fan who wants to zen out while shading some happy little trees? Either way, you’ll be psyched about the second Bob Ross coloring book hitting shelves soon…

inspiring art studio spaces

These inspiring studio spaces will make you pine to finally get your arts and crafts shit together

If you make art, crafts, furniture, or other kinds of creative endeavors, you probably spend some time pining over amazing and inspiring studio spaces of fellow artists who actually have their shit together.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational studio spaces of artists, designers, and crafters (plus a few solid pieces to get you started if you keep scrolling!)…

The low-down on floor desks

OMG y’all! Look who popped her awesome head back into Offbeat Home & Life to share some of her old school offbeat home goodness — it’s Cat Rocketship! She’s giving us the low down on floor desks.

Why you should try busking: Yes, even you!

Earlier this year, I took a singer-songwriter course at a local cultural institute, to improve my songwriting. Our tutor encouraged us to play in public as much as possible. Go to open mics, play family parties, play for your friends until they beg you to stop, and also: busk. I’m not here to give you busking tips though; I haven’t got nearly enough experience for that yet. I just want to explain to you why busking is AWESOME, and why you should consider doing it if you play an instrument (or have other performance skills).

Mid-century design meets geek artist Steve Thomas

Artist Steve Thomas got spot on two things I love above all: early/mid-century design and geek stuff. Tolkien-themed posters, Fallout-style propaganda, Sci-fi travelling ads… It’s like Christmas, but only better.

Monday Moment: An ever-changing artistic display (with sexy imagary bonus)

Longtime Homie Vacantmuse sent her artsy shelf moment our way. I love her idea of making space for an ever-changing art display. Could this be the first Monday Moment “great idea of the day” combo!? I think so.

3 ways to survive as an offbeat employee in an onbeat job

In honor of Labor Day, I figured I’d veer a little bit from our usual in-home content to talk about some outside-the-home career realities. I spent five years working in corporate staffing, so this sort of thing is oddly near ‘n’ dear to my heart.

Ethereal and dreamy artist’s studio in New Zealand

WOW — here’s the dreamy white and blue studio of Jinx in the Sky, filled with high-shine glass and vintage accoutrements. Enjoy!