A dreamy nature park maternity session just in time for Mother's Day

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photos by: Seriously Sabrina Photography
Photos by Seriously Sabrina Photography.

Happy Mother's Day! I thought this gorgeous whimsical maternity session by Kentucky-based Seriously Sabrina Photography would be a great addition to our site today:

Says Sabrina:

Pregnancy is [supposed to be] a time when women glow, when they should feel gorgeous in their skin and feel a beauty from within. Dominique's pregnancy has not been the case. Her first two trimesters left her sick, constantly in the hospital, and feeling terrible almost all the time.

I wanted to photograph her in a way that would feel like a painting, like art. Something to make her feel pretty again during a difficult pregnancy, a touch of something whimsical and non-traditional. We went out to a local nature park with a few simple props and a large piece of lace. The shoot is rustic and dreamy, the evening light falling softly around the trees and tall field of grass.

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