Say “bye!” to soggy soap with a waterfall soap dish

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71V49GMOC8L._SL1000_This slanted soap dish drains excess water away from your soap and into your sink or shower. That way, unlike soap dishes, the waterfall keeps your soap dry thereby making your soap last longer! The built in plastic prongs hold the soap in place. But those prongs can also serve another purpose, as this hilarious Amazon reviewer pointed out:

So my wife typically makes all our Amazon purchases and this particular item came while she was out the country. I take one look at it and was like huh… let’s put this at the kitchen sink. Then I hung the sponge wand thingy on it and thought, “Wow. Good thinking, wife!”

Apparently it was meant for her face soap in the master bath. Whatever. We got another one.

$12 will get you this rad slant-y soap dish and either save you money on bars of soap, or conveniently hold your dish sponge!

Comments on Say “bye!” to soggy soap with a waterfall soap dish

  1. Sponge-holder actually sounds like a slightly bettr idea, for my house – I can never find my dish sponge in a reasonable period of time O_o You’d think that a kitchen sink would only be so big and a sponge so small, but no!

  2. I have one of these things and it is the ONLY soap dish that keeps my bar soap from from turning into a pile of soap mush. I love it!

    The only problem is that we moved after I got it and the sinks in the new place have a lip around the edge that is too wide for the spout on this to reach over:(

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