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Make breastfeeding punk again with these bad-ass nursing shirts

Make breastfeeding punk again with these bad-ass nursing shirts

When it comes to breastfeeding-friendly fashion, you’re probably feeling a wee bit limited right about now. So when I ran across these bad-ass nursing shirts from Etsy seller And Out Come The Boobs (h/t to reader Colleen!), I knew I HAD to share them. These thrifted tees are upcycled with zippers to allow access for your up-and-coming punk babies.

retro maternity clothing

Rockabilly & pin-up maternity clothing for retro mamas

“Help! I’m looking for pin-up maternity clothes that don’t suck!” While some online stores don’t sell exclusively pin-up style, there are a few that have items that can easily fit into a retro-inspired wardrobe. Look for wrap dresses, stretchy wiggle dresses, and vintage tunics that can work for most of your pregnancy depending on the level of stretch and cling you like. Here are a few sites that carry
rad pin-up maternity clothing…

Finding plus-size maternity clothes: A Canadian struggle, eh?

Once the bump started forming, and my regular clothes started tugging in weird places, it was time to take the journey into finding plus-size maternity clothes in Canada. Oh boy? Hooray? I had a gut feeling that things wouldn’t be all that easy and boy was I right.

Finding plus-size maternity clothing was a nightmare!

Finding pants for big bellies, or: Why I rock maternity pants when I’m not pregnant

No pants ever fit! Everyone thinks I am pregnant! Where can I find pants that accommodate a big belly? Then it struck me: Well, maternity pants. Duh. So I have been wearing this Target pair for a few months. But I’m wondering… Do any Offbeat Mamas or Homies with Non-Baby Bumps have more recommendations for belly-accommodating stores or styles that are comfortable and go a step above yoga/sweatpants?

A dreamy nature park maternity session just in time for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, moms! I thought this gorgeous whimsical maternity session by Kentucky-based Seriously Sabrina Photography would be a great addition to our site today.

Here’s the place for tons of practical, body-positive maternity clothes advice

No one article of clothing is going to fit the same way all through your pregnancy. You’ll need different clothes at different times, and you’re not going to get the same level of fit you would when your body’s not changing shape. At least not for long.

Comfy flats for early pregnancy and post-partum living

For some of us, comfy shoes are a BIG DEAL during pregnancy. I remember being surprised by how quickly my feet started aching during my first trimester, and it was to the comfy shoes that I trod.

DIY jersey maternity dress: an easy way to deal with summer heat during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant this time of the year, especially in the early stages, you probably are wondering what you can wear during the summer. When I was pregnant last year, jersey dresses sounded like the best way to deal with heat — they’re cool, comfy around the waist, and stretchy enough to last until late pregnancy. However, I had a weirdly hard time finding the jersey dresses I envisioned in stores — most dresses had waists that were a little too low, or they were long and heavy maxi dresses, or their fabric wasn’t stretchy enough.