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Mothers of little girls, I know all that pink is frustrating, but here’s a simple fact: little girls get more fashion options than boys. Have you ever compared the girls vs. boys sides of a department store? INSANE! Furthermore, while girls can wear boy clothes without much reproach (maybe unless you’re Shiloh), thanks to some fucked up cultural issues with feminization, boys can catch serious flack for wearing girl clothes (this was national news!).

Color GuardI’m not into designer clothing, but I love playing with clothes, and of course that translates to dressing my son, despite the limitations. My solution when it comes to little boy fashion is to go for extreme color, and accessories like hats, kerchiefs and leg warmers. I like decking out my son in clothes that are bright and distinctive and fun…but also clothes make it clear this little dude is, well, a dude. Once he develops his own gender identity, if he chooses to mess with the gender paradigm I will (perhaps over-enthusiastically) support him — but I’m not going to force my gender politics onto him before he can make decisions for himself.

Anyway! All this rambling aside, I decided that I wanted to collect and share some brightly colored little boy fashion, for those of you who might be considering how you can still have a LOT of fun with boy clohes. I put out the call to Offbeat Mamas to sent me pictures of their little dudes wearing bright colors and YAY! Wait ’til you see what they sent me…

I am so fine with gays in the military that I've turned it into a Niko fashion statement.

Okay, Garth



Avie, at the park.


Boobie beret…

Beep boop beep

In addition to the images, I also got links to these two UK-based companies that sell awesome bright clothes for kids:

And now I want MOAR! Got links to stores and photos of brightly colored kid clothes in action? Colors are awesome! Let’s drown in rainbows!

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  1. I also struggle with the clothing options available in stores. I find most of it drab and lifeless.

    Here is a picture of my son playing in the park in his favorite green stripey hat and red “girls” sweater which I altered to take out the shoulder tucks.

    And here, with the same red sweater and his gnome costume from last Halloween…

  2. I love this! Orange and yellow are my fav colors for our son to wear. not only does he look great in them but so much easier to pick out of the crowd at the zoo or park.

    • I am currently going thru a Scandinavian baby clothes phase for sure. I love Molo, Smafolk and Danefae. Expensive but I try and pick the pieces that i really really love (which is difficult!)

  3. yesterday i scored at, of all places, costco! they’ve got little short/t-shirt combos on sale right now. i got a bright/bordering on neon yellow shirt with matching yellow/grey pkaid shorts. the shirt has a flying v (guitar) on it. sorry i don’t have a pic…

  4. My BF dressed my son in bright orange overalls today(that were shorts length) and an emerald green and white striped shirt, I loved it! So colorful, though when I said papa dressed him people just laughed!

  5. I LOVE these! I have 2 girls, but I have 2 darling nephews (one with his own baby on the way) and when they were little I always thought it was terrible there wasn’t a big selection for all the cute ‘lil dudes out there!

  6. i need a knitting pattern for that hat! on the double!!!!

    I have a daughter, and I gotta say that most of my favorite clothes of hers are her hand me downs from a little boy! dinosaurs, rocket ships, monsters, guitars! Oh yeah!

  7. Hannah Anderson makes adorable brightly-colored clothes for boys. My son had rainbow striped legggings with an appliqued hippo on the butt with a matching hoodie with a hippo. Adorable! HA is spendy, but super durable, so second hand items are still in good shape.

    My husband and son are totally into Star Wars, so that means lots of star wars t-shirts, which all seem to be black or white or grey. Sigh.

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