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Gender roles are soul crushing so why are we still gendering kids clothes?

I was two minutes into writing a post about shoes for toddlers when I had to stop and throw a public fit. Why the hell are we still gendering kids clothes? Why am I forced to gender my child before they even have a chance to figure it out themselves just so I can them get some damned shoes?

Why this feminist mom is okay raising a princess

I feel like there’s a certain trend in feminist parenting where we totally support little boys wearing dresses and sparkles… but cringe a bit inside when a little girl wants to do it. Feminism and Queer-positive parenting is supposed to be about choice, and that sometimes sometimes includes the choice to explore the identities of princess or a sparkly fairy.

The 5-minute hack for making elastic waistbands smaller

The elastic in the waistband of most leggings is sewn in during construction, and can’t be pulled tighter. However, I found a quick and easy way around that. It’s easy, and literally takes five minutes to fix!

RAWR: Etsy delivers handmade lion-themed cuteness for that little kid you know

How absolutely ADORBZ is this lion hat and diaper cover set made by Offbeat Families Flickr pool member HiLL.jO?! SO cute I had to cruise Etsy to see what other lion-themed preciousness is available, and naturally that’s a veritable treasure trove of diaper covers, birthday cakes, nursery designs, and so. many. outfits that are waiting for you to “AWWW” all over them.

Tea Collection has internationally-inspired clothes for babies and kids that allow for a little gender bending

I am the guiltiest of guilty online shoppers: I loooove finding and buying stuff from my computer chair. This is especially true when it comes to kids’ clothing, so finding US-based Tea Collection was like finding an oasis of colorful bird-and-frog adorned batik wonderment in a desert of stripes, robots, and frilly pink ensembles.

Superhero-themed tutus for your wonderling to rock life in

I’ve always thought it’d be extra wondrous in a super geeky way to combine mountains of tulle with superheros, but I didn’t realize someone else had already done it.

Want free baby swag? Start hosting neighborhood baby swaps!

To start your swap, invite people with kids who are within a few years age of your kids. Invite pregnant couples, friends of friends with kids, neighbors, people from playgroup, etc. It’s ok if some people don’t have anything to donate — there is always plenty of stuff. I use Facebook events but any means you use to get the word out will do. I like to host our swaps potluck style, and I usually provide coffee, tea, and juice. But you know… mimosas might be fun.

Inspiration for brightly-colored little boy clothes

I decided that I wanted to collect and share some brightly colored little boy fashion, for those of you who might be considering how you can still have a LOT of fun with boy clohes. I put out the call to Offbeat Mamas to sent me pictures of their little dudes wearing bright colors and YAY! Wait ’til you see what they sent me…