Colorful toddler boy shoes that aren’t blah brown

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Oh, little boys. You seriously get the shit end of the stick when it comes to apparel. Or I guess I should say “shit-colored,” because everything is brown. Or if it’s not brown, it’s navy blue. Or maybe black. If you like these muted colors — that’s awesome! You have a LOT of options when shopping for toddlers.

But as a color-lover, I went hunting for cute, bright shoes for Tavi, and I thought I’d share some of my non-brown findings here. Because there ARE awesome brightly colored shoes for little boys. You just have to look really hard.

Click the photos for more information — and if you can’t see the pictures, try disabling your ad blocker for a second!
Keen Kids - Newport H2 (Youth) (Caribbean Sea) - Footwear

adidas Kids - Snice US (Infant/Toddler) (Ultra Beauty/Running White/Radiant Green) - Footwear

Vans Kids - Classic Slip-On (Infant/Toddler) ((Crayola) Black Multi Check) - Footwear

Keen Kids - Coronado High Top (Toddler/Youth) (Jester Red) - Footwear

Puma Kids - Speeder Illuminescent V (Infant/Toddler/Youth) (Gray /Limestone Gray/Cherry Tomato) - Footwear

pediped - Adrian Flex (Infant/Toddler) (Ultra Blue/Yellow) - Footwear

Vincent - Ludde (Infant/Toddler/Youth) (Brown/Orange) - Footwear

Keen Kids - Coronado Metallic Hook Loop (Toddler/Youth) (Medium Green) - Footwear

Robeez - Feeding Frenzy Mini Shoez (Infant/Toddler) (Grey/Vibrant Multi) - Footwear

Keen Kids - Sunport (Toddler/Youth) (Flame) - Footwear

Converse Kids - Chuck Taylor All Star V 2 Ox (Infant/Toddler) (White/Multi) - Footwear

Tsukihoshi Kids - Maru (Infant/Toddler) (Red/Navy) - Footwear

adidas Kids - StreetRide (Toddler/Youth) (Legend Blue/Fresh Orange/Aero Lime) - Footwear

Creative Recreation Toddler Cesario High-Top Sneaker

Me In Mind Infant/Toddler 602 Slip On With Skulls

Chuches Infant/Toddler Casa 1537 Slipper Bootie

Camper Little Kid Wabi-80222 Slipper

Camper Toddler/Little Kid 80191 Pelotas Xlite Sneaker


Comments on Colorful toddler boy shoes that aren’t blah brown

    • Same here. I almost regret telling my family the sex of my child before she was born due to the simple fact that everything I received from this was pink. Of course, she’s three years old now and this is still continuing. I think it’s because they think I don’t dress her “girly” enough. Anyway, I love those rain boots. I am sooo getting those.

  1. Must have feeding frenzy mini shoe… And silver sparkly and bright blue? Must have! Must have!

    Great finds. As far as blah blah boys clothes go, rit dye has been my friend! And as a special bonus my old cardigans are a new color too…

  2. I hear ya! I feel like this is why Oz has been in socks or bare foot for the 9 months of his life thus far. It’s slim pickins’ for cute boy shoes! Love these and will probably have to get the crayola vans for both of us :o)

  3. Just a note, not just for little dudes! My little dudette could rock the shit out of any of these 🙂 Love the rainbows, or the little red hightops!

  4. Ah! My mom and I always talk about how little boys are screwed when it comes to clothing and shoes. Seriously baby blue makes me want to gag and I can only stand so much navy, black, or brown. I’ve totally found some awesome colorful clothing thanks to my mother being a shopping/deal-hunter extraordinaire. :]

    I adore the Converse in Dr. Seuss! I want to get a pair but I feel like I’m going to wait until my son’s feet are a little bigger. (He has potato feet.) Keens for kids = BEST THING EVER. 😀

    That is amazing. I honestly wish I had the dough to spend on those, because my little punkin head would soooo be rocking those next week if I did.
    I absolutely love that book. In fact, my partner is “Pops” to our daughter… I’ve always loved the sound of it, probably since my mom read me that book as a child.
    But this collection is seriously awesome. And it makes my ovaries scream, “MAKE A LITTLE BOY!”

  6. Little girls don’t have it any better : it’s pink everlasting! So these shoes could serve as a nice “color break” for either gender.

    Good job finding such a variety!

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