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How to talk to little boys

Wondering what the best thing to talk to little boys about is? READING. Daughters are thriving and sons are flailing, and it seems like one solution might be to pick up a book and let your kid see you read for fun.

Why we’re not planning on cutting our son’s hair anytime soon

My son is newly two-years-old, and has long, blonde, curly hair. Aside from the fact that it’s usually a bit wild, it pretty much looks like the kind you’d find on toddler beauty queens — and we have no intentions of cutting it any time soon. Sure, we’re nearly constantly bombarded with mis-assumptions about his sex due to his hair, and family members are always quick to ask us when we’re going to finally cut it.

Inspiration for brightly-colored little boy clothes

I decided that I wanted to collect and share some brightly colored little boy fashion, for those of you who might be considering how you can still have a LOT of fun with boy clohes. I put out the call to Offbeat Mamas to sent me pictures of their little dudes wearing bright colors and YAY! Wait ’til you see what they sent me…

Colorful toddler boy shoes that aren’t blah brown

Oh, little boys. You seriously get the shit end of the stick when it comes to apparel. Or I guess I should say “shit-colored,” because everything is brown. Or if it’s not brown, it’s navy blue. Or maybe black. I went on a hunt the other day for cute, brightly colored shoes for Tavi, and I thought I’d share some of my non-brown findings here.

Playing with toy weapons: inevitable or preventable?

Is it possible to prevent weapons — real or fake — from becoming part of your child’s play and reality?

My growing boy and the flowered pants

Last month while on clothing expedition, he selected from a shelf a pair of bold, pink flower-covered cotton pants and asked me to buy them for him. I heard a disembodied voice that could only be mine reply stiffly, “Let’s take a look at these pants. Do these look like boy pants, or girl pants?”

Boys play with dolls!

Kids emulate the adults in their lives. So why wouldn’t your son imitate you babywearing his younger sibling? Why not foster nurturing behavior in our boys? Some boys like baby dolls! Big deal! Etsy seller Squarepear has the right idea with this blue camo ring sling for boys. What a great way to prepare your […]

Hoodwinked, one father’s take on the circumcision debate

I understand all of the arguments for and against circumcision, which makes this decision even more difficult. There a lot of things to take into account; religious, societal, medical and familiarity…