An ode to my closet: Doe Deere gives us a poetic tour of her dollhouse-inspired makeover

Guest post by Doe Deere

This post syndicated from Doe Deere’s Blogazine. Enjoy! — Cat

An Ode To My Closet

To paint one’s house pink and blue
Might seem a bit extreme to you.
But inspiration struck me hard
When I saw this in my neighbor’s yard:

One man says garbage; I say: ‘Scooore!’
Try not to puke at the Before:
My attic of ungodly hues
Was finally gonna get some use!

I want a dollhouse, not a den!
I might as well convert it then.
A perfect shape, don’t you agree?
Let’s go and spread some effin’ GLEE!

I got some rolls, I got some paint.
I got my floors a little stained.
(Don’t worry, I cleaned up the mess –
It’s just amusing to confess!)

By night, my closet looked like this.
The horrid white I shall not miss.
I like my yellows and my blues
and stay away from pallid hues!

Out of hot pinks, I get a kick –
My landlord’s gonna get a tick!

My walk-in closet, my abode!
With shoes you’re always overflowed!
You keep my treasures nice and neat
and my accounts quite deplete.

This is the place where I get dressed –
It’s only fair it looks its best. 🙂

Comments on An ode to my closet: Doe Deere gives us a poetic tour of her dollhouse-inspired makeover

  1. OMG! I used to have that very same dollhouse. It was tricked out with just about every piece of Barbie furniture available. From the kitchen to the bedroom. I even had a toilet and working bathroom sink. Until about the age of 14 I was able to squeeze my whole body through the front door. Best doll house ever! I think it was made by Rubbermaid of all companies.

  2. Her house sure is cute! However, I’ve read some very shady things about Doe Deere and how she runs her business. I was going to write a blog post last year in praise of her makeup line — but a quick Google of “Lime Crime controversy” unearths a little info about how she operates! There’s always two sides to a story though, but her PR is definitely off somewhere there.

  3. I thought this was an old post of offbeat’s being shared since I know Doe Deere doesn’t look like that anymore…sure enough her blog post is from 2008 but the offbeat one is current. Weird! What made you guys go so far back to pull this one out? I think her house looks cooler now 😛 I go back and forth on how I feel about her company and products but I do like her style.

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