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My daughter’s aunt and I have different values — how do I teach my daughter the difference without being rude?

My sister-in-law is planning to undergo elective plastic surgery after her second child is born. I love and support her in whatever she chooses to do but we have different values in regards to this topic. How do I explain that to my little girl in a way that can be used as a teaching moment and not offend someone we love so dearly?

Power bubbles and playing with worms: my 6 rules for raising a powerful girl

Who says a white dress isn’t made for playing in the mud? Imagine a world full of women — our daughters — who are strong enough to get dirty and climb high, brave enough to look closely at their surroundings, and smart enough to recognize just how awesome they really are.

You’re Doing it Right: what 18 years of weird parenting looks like

My good friend Alexander and his wife Nicole just celebrated the graduation of their oldest daughter from high school. I wanted to know what their tricks and tools for raising such stellar kids were, and what I can learn from their experiences. The following is an interview with Alexander.

Inspiration for brightly-colored little boy clothes

I decided that I wanted to collect and share some brightly colored little boy fashion, for those of you who might be considering how you can still have a LOT of fun with boy clohes. I put out the call to Offbeat Mamas to sent me pictures of their little dudes wearing bright colors and YAY! Wait ’til you see what they sent me…

Why bloomers? Why not?

So, if there is a little girl in your life, you may have noticed that they are not too terribly bothered about modesty when wearing dresses and skirts. That’s all fine and dandy of course — no shame issues need apply! However, for many reasons, and especially at recess, Bloomers like this adorable pair from […]