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How to have great sex as a disabled person

When I became physically disabled due to a rare, incurable bone disease, I found that my favorite, go-to sex position was no longer achievable. Having a physical disability made a lot of things about sex awkward or uncomfortable…

So, how does a disabled person take charge of their sexuality and enjoy themselves? What are some ways that disabled people can physically be comfortable during sex? I have some helpful tips!

I hate my vulva: The pressure to conform to unrealistic genital beauty standards

There’s a post on Medium that caught my eye the other day, Vulvas: Shapes, sizes and misconceptions, that I found quite interesting and even therapeutic…

This real-life eggplant emoji vibrator is a wet dream come true!

I just wanted to squeeze in a little afternoon delight right now, and let you know that the eggplant emoji — you know, the emoji that we ALL use because Japan hasn’t gifted us with a dick emoji (yet) — is now a real life vibrator. In real life!

I’m a woman with a “high” sex number and I’m okay with it

The very reason why I am hesitant in writing about the topic of my sex number is the very thing that I want to try and stop!

So, that is why I am going to share this with you because I want girls to be able to be comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their sexual choices…

Doing porn helped me love and respect my fat body

Like many other people who are fat children who become fat teenagers before being fat adults, I learned from a young age that my body was “never meant to be desirable or sexy.” Fat bodies are never portrayed in the media as being sexy in a way which is positive or empowering, so there is simply very little representation for fat people as sexual beings. So, I became a sex worker, making indie amateur pornography.

I took a deep breath, hit record, and filmed some videos of myself. It was difficult and confronting. I felt bad about how I looked. Yet, with each video it got easier…

Is there one small golden travel vibrator to rule them all?

My go-to vibrator is the Magic Wand, which is NOT travel-friendly. And, since it is so damn amazing, it’s kind of ruined me for smaller vibrators.

Unless there’s one small golden travel vibrator to rule them all! …No seriously, is there?

Gender and sexuality: Is there an “Inappropriate Question Hour” anywhere?

When I was in college, there was an amazing “Inappropriate Question Hour” where people agreed to leave their privilege and prejudices at the door in order to educate one another. I haven’t found anything like it since. Does anyone know of any resources or communities where people can participate in the gender and sexuality conversation without fear?

Being The Backup: The one who gets the text when no one else is available

If someone is constantly telling you how much they miss you, but finds time weekly to spend with other people they just met, can’t find time for coffee, lunch, a quickie — ANYTHING with you — then it’s clear how much you and your time actually means to them. You aren’t even really a friend to them let alone a lover. Finally, it becomes clear: You are The Backup. You are who they go to when nobody else is available. So, fellow Backups, what are we supposed to do? Should we just smile and be happy that someone wants us, even if we are their last possible choice?